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Corresponsables recognizes Envera's social work and its impact on the CSR of companies

Madrid | March 14, 2023

The Corresponsables Foundation, a benchmark in corporate social responsibility communication, recognized Envera as a 'Corresponsible Organization' at the closing of its Annual Conference in Madrid, held this Tuesday in the auditorium of IESE, which was attended by more than 630 people in person and more than 75,000 streaming views.

The Chairman of Corresponsables and of the Observatorio de la Comunicación Responsable, Marcos González, has presented the award, in the form of the Corresponsable Yearbook, to Enrique Grande, CEO of Envera, a social organization which has been awarded together with other leading companies in their sectors, such as ENAIRE.

Envera is a non-profit organization that was founded in 1977 by Iberia employees, mothers and fathers of people with intellectual disabilities. Since then, Envera accompanies these people so that they can take their place in the world with dignity.

More than 45 years later, today Envera is an organization open to the whole of society, serving 4,800 people with intellectual disabilities and their families each year and providing stable employment for more than 850 people, thanks to the joint work it carries out with more than 200 organizations from the business and public sectors that support its work.

In fact, Envera leads the Competitive Social Responsibility Board of Madrid Foro Empresarial, where it helps companies to develop their CSR, ESG and sustainability plans as a strategic element.

The Madrid Corresponsables Conference highlighted the innovative good practices of all stakeholders in the field of social responsibility and sustainability, during four round tables with the participation of Alsea, Elecnor, Grupo Lactalis, Club de Excelencia en Sostenibilidad, DIRSE, Forética, Fundación SERES, Observatorio RSC, and the Spanish Network of the UN Global Compact, among other companies and organizations.

In addition to González, the opening ceremony was attended by Visitación Álvarez, deputy director of Social Economy and CSR of the Ministry of Labor and Social Economy; Paloma Tejero, deputy minister of the Environment and Agriculture of the Community of Madrid; and José Luis Suárez, director of IESE in Madrid.
Social Economy; Paloma Tejero, vice-counselor of Environment and Agriculture of the Community of Madrid; and José Luis Suárez, director of IESE in Madrid.