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Asociación Envera is an NGO accredited by Fundación Lealtad.


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Labor Market Insertion and Employment

Getting a job for people with disabilities is Envera's main objective. To this end, we work with public and private entities that join our commitment. Thanks to them we provide stable and supported employment to more than 850 people with disabilities.

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Work is a fundamental activity for achieving personal autonomy, offering social and personal security, stability and also the right to obtain a contributory pension at the end of one's working life. 

Envera's main objective is to help people with disabilities find employment that will allow them to enter the workforce in the best possible way through flexible and supportive programs. To date, we havewe have already helped more than 700 people with disabilitiesto find jobs in ordinary companies and we provide stable employment to more than 850 in our Special Employment Centers.

For this purpose, we have a team of specialized professionals working in the different branches of Enveradifferent delegations of Enverato find a professional opportunity according to the profile of each person, to advise in the active search for employment and to accompany each candidate for the appropriate incorporation to the job.


If you are interested in benefiting from the advantages and experience of Envera's Labor Insertion Service (SIL), please contact us. 

Envera's Job Placement Services

For candidates:

  • Initial assessment. 
  • Socio-labor orientation and personalized attention. 
  • Information and advice. 
  • Labor intermediation. 
  • Employment with support (ECA). Contact with collaborating companies.
  • Participation in the "Club de Faena" workshops. 

For companies:

-Compliance with the General Disability Law .

-Disability outreach campaigns .

  • Candidate "pre-selection" service, providing the most suitable profiles for the needs of the position and the company. 
  • Information and advice on subsidies, financial aid, tax benefits and bonuses in relation to the hiring of people with disabilities. BONUSES 2021 
  • Follow-up and evaluation of the employee's labor insertion in the company. 

Still don't know why it's good for your company to hire the best professionals with disabilities?

ENAIRE Project

Envera has obtained for 2 consecutive years (2020 and 2021) the confidence of this public entity in the Call for subventions promoted by ENAIREand aimed at social entities to promote job placement and job creation activities for people with disabilities. Thanks to Envera's ENAIRE Project,more than 200 people with disabilities have been employed, especially in the aeronautical sector..

With the support of ENAIRE, Envera's SIL, with offices in Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga, Tenerife and Gran Canaria, provides support and training to people actively seeking employment, prepares individualized labor market insertion itineraries, accompanies beneficiaries until they are fully integrated into the workplace and develops awareness campaigns and social responsibility (CSR) consulting for companies. 

Vueling Project

The company Vueling supports the integration of people with disabilities by financing Envera's SIL in Barcelona.


Since the launch of this service in 2019, Envera has assisted a hundred people and advised more than 30 companies, which has resulted in the direct management of 28 job offers and the insertion of 52 people with disabilities.direct management of 28 job offers and the insertion of 52 people with disabilities, two of them at Vueling.two of them at Vueling.


Envera's SIL, with the support of Vueling, designs personalized job placement itineraries and accompanies candidates throughout their job search process and access to employment: 

  • Face-to-face and telematic interviews. 
  • Carrying out procedures or consultation. 
  • Support and guidance to the family. 
  • Supported employment. 


In addition, Envera works in a network with other social entities and with the public administration (city councils, Economic Promotion and base centers) that refer candidates and with whom we maintain a continuous coordination for the execution of the socio-labor itineraries. 

In this way, Envera and Vueling participate in various employment forums, such as theBusiness with social valuethe "Yes and Better" Fair and the Barcelona Citizen Agreement, among others.

INCORPORA. La Caixa" Foundation

Envera has been a member of the Incorpora Program of the "la Caixa" Foundation since 2014. This program facilitates the labor integration of people at risk of social exclusion. 


Incorpora is a labor intermediation program that optimally combines the needs of the social and business fabric to ensure the successful integration of disadvantaged groups into the labor market.


To this end, Envera offers a free comprehensive service with technicians from our job placement service who provide all the necessary advice to the company, as well as support in all phases of the process, from the selection of the worker to the complete integration into the job. 

TheIncorpora Programis an excellent connector between companies and a network of more than 700 professionals who work in the insertion of groups in a situation or at risk of social exclusion.

AILA Project

Subsidized by the Community of Madrid

Since 2001, the Community of Madrid has been promoting the AILA Projectof Labor Insertion of People with Disabilities, which is co-financed by the 40% co-financing from the European Union. and through which Envera supports a hundred people in their search for employment.

This project seeks to cover a double need for people with disabilities. On the one hand, the availability of economic means to meet the needs of life and, on the other hand, to receive personalized support for their labor and social integration. Envera participates in this project with the firm conviction that getting a job is essential for the full integration of people in a society that tends, unfortunately, to exclusion.

For the Regional Ministry of Family, Youth and Social Affairs of the Community of Madrid, priority is given to this type of programs that seek active social inclusion and are aimed at helping people with greater difficulties to receive the necessary support to enter the labor market and maintain employment.