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Asociación Envera is an NGO accredited by Fundación Lealtad.


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At Envera we work with companies so that they comply with the General Disability Law, help us to employ people with disabilities and implement a social responsibility that helps them to be more competitive. We work on a "win-win" basis, offering innovative and quality services. Thanks to them, we provide stable employment to more than 850 professionals with disabilities.

All these activities are carried out from the Special Employment Centers of Envera Empleo SLU.

Envera offers through its Special Employment Centers a high quality handling service at a competitive price. high quality handling service at a competitive price.. A professional work that for more than 40 years meets the needs and expectations of major companies in specialized sectors such as aeronautics and railways, among others.

We have the widest variety of wide variety of commercial solutions commercial solutions to offer you the best presentation of your products, a personalized ad-hoc finish and adjusting to the needs of each client.

We are the only organization capable of offering multiple packaging solutions to third parties, in a complementary or alternative way, allowing a unique offer, with innovative applications and excellent results.

Type of handling

In our Special Employment Centers we handle all kinds of products and we are specialized in the handling of cutlery, envelopes, shrink wrapping, promotional items, graphic industry finishes, toiletry bags, Christmas baskets, pharmacy products and cosmetics.

  • Flow pack: Customized third party packaging characterized by one seal in the center and two seals at both ends.
  • Shrink-wrapping and bagging: protection based on plastic heat sealing system.
  • Packaging: Cartoning of all types of products.
  • Custom orders: assembly of ad hoc products.
  • Re-labeling and batching for traceability tracking.
  • Clean room



Personalized services of the highest quality and social value

Other services

We also work in the commercialization of promotional gifts, uniforms and office supplies.

This service provides added value through the participation of people with disabilities in handling, management, logistics and purchasing.

After the extensive experience in the field of promotional gifts over the years, it has been decided to take the leap and complete this service with the marketing of these items with the ability to customize and make ad hoc orders for each customer.

As with the uniforms segment, after the management of different warehouses in recent years, we have expanded this service with the possibility of satisfying the customer's needs in a global way. Finally, the sale of office supplies completes this line of business, participating actively in the management and distribution of these materials.

Social value and employment

Thanks to the trust of our customers, backed by the professionalism of our teams and the quality standards of our services, Envera has a professional team made up of more than 850 people with disabilities, 50% of whom are workers with intellectual disabilities. 

In addition, by working with Envera, companies improve their competitiveness and bottom line by improving customer experience and reputation, increasing employee engagement and reducing absenteeism, among other advantages such as tax benefits. 

Compliance with the General Law on Disability and CSR 

The General Law on Disability (LGD) obliges companies with 50 or more employees to reserve a quota of 2% of their workforce for workers with disabilities. 

In view of the difficulty for companies to comply with this law, this regulation is made more flexible by means of Alternative Measures which can be:

  • Donations to social entities that promote training or labor insertion. 
  • Contracting of goods or services with a Special Employment Center.  

By contracting your services with Envera you will be able to comply with the LGD by making a responsible purchase that will revert in the promotion of the labor integration of people with intellectual disabilities.

Thanks to the collaboration of:

Companies that trust in Envera and support our social project