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Asociación Envera is an NGO accredited by Fundación Lealtad.


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Envera Guardianship Foundation

The Tutelar Envera Foundation's mission is to assist and protect people with disabilities in situations of orphanhood, neglect or social exclusion, ensuring their welfare, their integrity and their interests.

What most concerns parents and families of people with disabilities is to prevent any situation of helplessness that may occur throughout life and to prepare for the future of their children or relatives.

To this end, the Envera Guardianship Foundation offers protection to people whose capacity has been judicially modified, looking after their interests and supporting them in achieving their life project.

The purpose of the Foundation is to dedicate itself to the guardianship of people with disabilities and to offer their families specialized advice. It has, as it could not be otherwise, a strong social character constituting a potential benefit for the whole group of the disabled and contributing to the improvement of society in general.

I invite you to discover the work of the Foundation, where you will find advice and help to know the steps to follow so that everything is according to your wishes.

Mr. José Antonio Quintero

President Envera Guardianship Foundation

Guardianship Foundation

The Envera Guardianship Foundation is a non-profit legal entity, classified as a Charitable-Assistance Foundation by Ministerial Order of September 30, 1997, which provides the necessary support to people with intellectual disabilities of legal age, for the proper exercise of their legal capacity. 

The Tutelar Envera Foundation accompanies people in their life project, is committed to them, their families and society in general. 

After the approval of Law 8/2021 reforming civil and procedural legislation to support people with disabilities in the exercise of their legal capacity, it is necessary to change the system in force until now in our legal system, in which substitution in decision-making affecting people with disabilities predominated, for another based on respect for the will, wishes and preferences of the person.  

To achieve this, in most cases we offer the necessary and fair support to allow the full development of their personality and their legal development under equal conditions. 

These support measures are also inspired by respect for the dignity of the person and his or her fundamental rights. respect for the dignity of the individual and his or her fundamental rights..

As a provider of these supports, we act according to the will, wishes and preferences of the person with disabilities, developing their own decision-making process, informing them, helping them in their understanding and reasoning and facilitating them to express their preferences. We also encourage the person with disabilities to exercise their legal capacity with less support in the future.   

With this new legal system, guardianship disappears and is established as the main formal measure of support of judicial origin, for persons with disabilities, the guardianship, welfare or representative, according to their needs. Its extension will be determined in the corresponding judicial resolution in harmony with the situation and circumstances of persons with disabilities and their support needs. 

In some cases, de facto guardianship will also be a support measure to be considered.

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is the governing, representative and administrative body of the Envera Guardianship Foundation, which carries out its functions in accordance with the provisions of the law and its Bylaws.

Currently, the Board of Trustees of the Envera Guardianship Foundation is made up of:

- Four Institutional Trustees: Iberia, Airbus, Unysis and Envera.

- Four Trustees in a personal capacity. Among them Hilario Alfaro, president of Madrid Foro Empresarial.

- A president.

- One vice-president.

- A non-employer Secretary.

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Thanks to the Board, the people and companies that make it up, Envera accompanies people with intellectual disabilities throughout their life's journey so that they can take their place in the world with dignity. Can you help us?

Social responsibility and SDGs

In addition to its main mission, the firm commitment to people with disabilities to whom it provides the necessary support for their inclusion as well as to society in general, the Tutelar Envera Foundation also supports equal opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities who lack resources. 

Currently, the Envera Guardianship Foundation currently provides scholarships to 17 children and people with intellectual disabilities to improve their quality of life. The scholarships are intended to cover early care, training, leisure and support for people with disabilities without resources.

The values of Envera and its Tutelar Foundation are inclusion and social commitment, creating a framework where all differences, all abilities, have the same opportunities; transparency, quality and innovation. By working with Envera, companies and organizations contribute to the achievement of eleven Sustainable Development Goals set by the UN in the 2030 Agenda.