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Asociación Envera is an NGO accredited by Fundación Lealtad.


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Envera, through its specialized residential services, provides people with intellectual disabilities with accommodation, personal and social rehabilitation, personal care and specialized assistance, whether temporary or permanent. 

We havefour different residenceslocated in Madrid and in the town of Colmenar Viejo, in the heart of the mountains of Madrid, with single, double or triple rooms, rehabilitation room, dining room, classrooms, living room and a sports center equipped for multiple activities.

They are currently home to122 people, who receivewho receive specialized care from a multidisciplinarymultidisciplinary teamThey receive specialized care from a multidisciplinary team: medical and nursing services, psychologists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and social workers. These professionals work with a Person-Centered Planning model, developing anPersonalized Care Program(PAP), which sets objectives and activities for each of the users on an individualized basis in order to meet their specific needs in different areas: health, rehabilitation, psychosocial support, personal care, therapeutic workshops and leisure and free time.


Envera's residential centers provide 24-hour service throughout the year and we have places arranged with the Department of Family, Youth and Social Policy of the Community of Madrid and private places.

The services we offer in our residences are: 

  1. Lodging and meals 
  2. Personal care, control and protection of the Resident 
  3. Specialized care 
  4. Rehabilitation service 
  5. Medical and nursing service 
  6. Psychological care 
  7. Social care 
  8. Complementary leisure, sports and socialleisure, sports and social activities

Residence for adults with intellectual disabilities

Residence for adults with intellectualintellectual disabilitieswith intermittent support needs.We have 2 residences, one is located in Madrid and has 48 places, and the other is located in the town of Colmenar Viejo and has 29 places. They provide accommodation, food and specialized support so that residents enjoy a decent quality of life and can fully develop their abilities.


  • Developing interpersonal and social relationships 
  • Maintaining personal and domestic habits 
  • Utilize community resources inside and outside the center. 
  • Promoting independent living and self-determination 
  • Perform leisure and free time activities 


These residences also have Occupational Center.

Residence for people with intellectual disabilities and high support needs

The residence for adults with intellectual disabilities with high support needs, provides accommodation, food, habilitation, care and personal and social support to the extent necessary for the development of activities of daily living, leisure and coexistence activities and specialized rehabilitative care, in order to prevent the progression of deteriorating situations and promote the maintenance and development of their abilities and possibilities for social integration. 


  • Ensuring the user's well-being 
  • Promote the enjoyment of the highest possible level of health. 
  • Facilitate their personal development, within the possibilities of each one, for their improvement and social inclusion. 
  • Develop activities that promote autonomy, personal development and social competence. 
  • Encourage the expression of opinions, choices and personal preferences. 
  • Promoting participation in community life 


In addition to the Residence service, Envera also has a Day Centerfor people with disabilities and high level of dependency. This resource is located in Envera's Integral Disability Center in Colmenar Viejo.

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Residence for people with intellectual disabilities over 45 years of age

Residence for people over 45 years of age with intellectual disabilities in the process of premature aging, which has specialized professionals to prevent the maximum possible deterioration, facilitate leisure activities and personal development. We currently have 32 places and provide accommodation, food and psychosocial support to meet the specific needs of each resident. 


  • Prevent the progression of aging and deterioration situations.
  • Maintaining personal autonomy 
  • Encourage social participation 
  • To create and strengthen models of good behavior and normalized coexistence. 
  • Orientation towards community resources favorable to the development of residents. 
  • Offering support and advice to families 


This resource is located at the Envera Integral Disability Center in Colmenar Viejo (Madrid). 

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