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For Envera, transparency is not only a legal obligation, but also an ethical commitment and a code of conduct that is part of its DNA.

In accordance with the Law 19/2013 on "Transparency, access to public information and good governance"., Envera-Association of Employees of Iberia Parents of People with Disabilities publishes on this portal all documents and reports related to its organization and structure, institutional purposes, activities and economic, contracts and public subsidies, code of ethics, as well as quality and transparency certifications.

Date information updated: October 2020

Code of Ethics

The code of ethics of Envera, a member of Plena Inclusión, is an instrument of values shared by all the actors of the organization to achieve the objectives we have set ourselves and is structured around three axes: the person with intellectual the person with intellectual disabilities, the family as the basis of inclusion and the functioning of the the organization through the performance of its professionals and leaders.

Complaints channel

Envera offers to all the people who are related to our entity a channel of complaints through which they can confidentially report or denounce any incident so that it can be processed in accordance with the law.

Crime prevention

The so-called crime prevention models or programs help to ensure the effective exercise of the functions of supervision, monitoring and control by the persons who are authorized to make decisions on behalf of the legal entity or have organizational and control powers within the same. In this sense and based on our commitment to the safety and integrity of all people, in Envera we have a Crime Prevention Manual available to all persons who are part of the organization.

Economic Information

Economic budget

i. Budget Partnership

ii. Budget Envera Employment SLU

Date information updated: April 2024

Financial Statements and Auditors' Report

i. Annual Accounts Association

ii. Annual Accounts Envera Empleo SLU

iii. Envera Guardianship Foundation Accounts

Date information updated: July 2023

Contracts, Management Contracts, Agreements and Subsidies

Management Assignments

With regard to management entrustment, no data are currently published because no entrustment with public administrations or entrustment with private entities has been subscribed. In the past, no management entrustment has been withdrawn or renounced.

Date information updated: April 2024