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We interviewed Samuel Enrique Quintana, social worker and deputy mayor of San Bartolomé de Tijarana.

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Gran Canaria : May 26, 2021

We have said it many times and we will keep repeating it ad nauseam: if there is something we should be proud of in Radio Terrícola is the immense opportunity that this media offers us to meet great people. People with whom we grow and with whom we stimulate our personal development and the desire to excel. People like Samuel Enrique Quintana, a social worker and politician by vocation, who give us their time with no other aim than to contribute their knowledge, their vital experience, to improve people's lives. Together, we have shared an unforgettable morning.

The program was opened by David, our determined presenter, accompanied by his colleagues from the Envera Occupational Center in Gran Canaria: Norberto, Carol, Juan Manuel, Loli and Alejandro. Lalla, his teacher, coordinated the interview brilliantly with the invaluable help of Jéssica, head of the occupational area.

Samuel is transparent from the beginning, his enthusiasm for what he does, the vocation for public service that runs through his veins, is his best letter of introduction. He has won us over. He is one of us. We look at each other from the same height, without any scabeles or artifices, and that, always, makes everyone great. As a good friend of mine would say: we have to be very bad at this for us not to have a round interview.1620997302431 (1)

It is very simple when the person in front of you is fighting for the same thing you are fighting for. Samuel has always been focused on transforming the social reality of his environment, almost always unjust, into a place without inequalities, into a space of coexistence where every citizen, regardless of their condition, has the same opportunities to live a full life. And he is clear when he tells us that the politician must be realistic and solve the basic needs of the people; those such as a nursing home or health centers, educational centers, parks or actions to improve the environment ..., the big projects will come. He repeats the famous phrase with a little twist: "act locally to change globally". That is the key.

What an impeccable job done by our dedicated reporters. Listening to their questions, such as Loli's "What would a better world be like for you?", leaves an experienced guest, as is the case, with a paralyzing smile that forces him or her to display a whole range of emotions in order to be able to respond at the same level. An effort that Loli appreciates with enthusiasm.

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We invite you to enjoy a high level interview, very nice, full of optimism and so pleasant that time will fly in your senses.

We are left with the promise of Samuel to bring back to our radio one of his personal references, a politician very dear to these lands, a person who knows and is involved with the world of disability and whom we had the opportunity to meet two years ago when we opened this studio of Radio Terrícola. He is the president of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria: Antonio Morales.

Samuel, we look forward to seeing you again and thank you very much for your words recognizing that it has been the most beautiful interview you have ever had.

Thank you, my friend.

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