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Madrid | September 14, 2018

When you walk through the door of Envera's Integral Disability Center in Colmenar Viejo, a well-uniformed and self-confident gentleman opens the entrance with a friendly welcoming gesture, but also with the aplomb of the most efficient and accurate watchman.
I say this because the collaboration that Envera and Prosegur maintain is strengthened day by day with visits like the one that occupies us today on Radio Terrícola.

It is true that the visit that Mercedes Borbolla, Enrique Grande and Carlos del Pozo are paying us today is precisely to increase that relationship and get to know us a little better, but it is also very true that the most important thing has been to do it, yes, but through direct contact with the people we have been assisting in their journey through life for more than 40 years and with whom we have shared a large part of our lives.

The program has been entirely made by people from the Envera Occupational Center, all of them avid users of the most eclectic and funniest radio space in the international media universe: Radio Terrícola.
As we say, Radio Terrícola is the radio that unites us, the one that brings us closer to those who find the world of disability strange and those who find it just the opposite. They are companies like Prosegur, which with its social commitment created the Prosegur Foundation to help the most vulnerable people.

Mercedes Borbolla, its director, explains: "At Prosegur we are concerned about bringing education to places that lack the advantages we have". And so it is: the enormous task they carry out in their program for the Promotion of Culture in 46 schools, some of them in Argentina, where the Piecitos Coloraos project helps many children to have better conditions to be educated in schools with many deficiencies, which, unfortunately, are so abundant on the planet. They also work in Environmental Education and Development Cooperation projects in many other countries. Arduous and commendable task.Along with Mercedes, there were Enrique and Carlos, who told us about some of the activities that Prosegur carries out, such as surveillance services in companies, money transport, alarms in buildings and homes... many lines of business that employ thousands of people in 14 countries and in several continents.Our reporter Javier Santos was very incisive when he fired a sharp question: " and what do you do with the money that you transport?" Of course they don't keep it, and it was well explained; but one imagines those yellow armored trucks with mountains of money inside and wonder where they will go? As you can imagine, there was laughter and a very artistic farewell with Ana and Germán, top-level dancers, who left us all amazed with their art and confirmed that maxim we repeat so often: We can all be the best at something.

We are very grateful for the visit of Mercedes, Carlos and Enrique, who were very kind and friendly to some unpredictable and shrewd tertulianos.Confiamos to meet again soon, in fact we have been invited to our mobile unit to move to its facilities, and continue in the line of collaboration and understanding that we are sure to go together.Hasta la próxima!!!!