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New interviews in Radio Terrícola: Serenela and Aitor, Envera workers in Gran Canaria.

Canary Islands | November 16, 2020

Last Friday the 13th, what a date, we conducted a new set of interviews on Radio Terrícola, both very interesting and with valuable advice for everyone.
First of all we had in our studio Serenella, educational assistant of the Envera Occupational Center in Gran Canaria. Loved and admired by all, in the interview she showed herself as she is: friendly, collaborative, didactic, with great gifts of treatment, understanding ... to be one more. We well know that she is an exceptional person, always ready to help and to make grow all the projects that pass through her hands. Lending a hand is an understatement in her case; her involvement in the workshops is outstanding, as are the affectionate words she dedicates to us every day. We will always be grateful to you, Serenela.

Interview with Serenela 2 Interview with Serenela

Then another wonderful person we are lucky to have at Envera had his radio moment. He is Aitor, professor of agriculture and gardening in the training courses, also in the Envera Delegation in Gran Canaria.



For us, Aitor is an endearing and close teacher, with an enviable ecological awareness and respect for nature, wise in his advice, humble in his way of being and with a human value that we value daily as a gift. So we have enjoyed the interview very much, it could not be otherwise. Thank you, Aitor.


Don't miss these two fantastic interviews conducted by the most cheerful reporters in broadcasting and take note of how it is possible to understand this world from a respectful point of view and with speeches as brilliant as simple.


A big round of applause for all this great island team that every Friday injects us with a good dose of optimism and good work.

Congratulations to all!