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We interviewed Óscar Montesdeoca to get to know Envera a little better.

Gran Canaria : October 17, 2022

We brighten up Friday afternoon with a high level interviewee, Óscar Montesdeoca. A person well known by all who is, in addition to a great friend and colleague of ours, beneficiary of the Envera Occupational Center in Carrizal de Ingenio, on the island of Gran Canaria.

During his visit to the Radio Terrícola studio, we were able to get to know Óscar a little better and, just as interestingly, to get to know Envera from the inside, through one of our beneficiaries. Thanks to the questions of our great reporters, we have been able to know first hand how our colleague is in the occupational center, what he enjoys the most and what things he would like to improve.


It has been a very emotional interview because he has expressed his desire to stay here, with us, where he enjoys so much. She also gave us her answers and told us who her favorite instructor is and which workshops and activities she likes the most.

For our part, we were able to get to know Óscar better and learn what he did before coming to the island, when he lived in El Salvador, where he dedicated himself to humanitarian aid for the most needy.

As it could not be otherwise, he has left us with our mouths open and wanting to know much more about him in this interview, which has been full of improvisation and a lot of applause to respond to the precious phrases that have been dedicated by the companions of the Occupational Center.