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This was Radio Terrícola's interview to Congressman Alfonso Candón

Madrid | 8 October 2015

Alfonso Candón, deputy for Cádiz and local president of the Partido Popular in Puerto de Santa María, is also a member of the Commission for Comprehensive Disability Policies of the Congress of Deputies.

Last Thursday, October 8, we were able to share their experience in the Radio Terrícola program El ocupa con amor, produced by the users of the day center for people with disabilities of Grupo Envera in the town of Colmenar Viejo, Madrid. The topic addressed during the program was "love after the vacations", although the interview also covered topics of general interest such as dependency, large families and disability.

QUESTION: What does it mean to be a congressman?

ALFONSO CANDÓN: I have been in the profession for a long time: as a social graduate and, recently, also with a degree in Labor Sciences. One day I had a fit, and I liked politics, working with people, doing things for others.

So Candón gets in a party, the PP, the act of Councilman and after a long time in the opposition, becomes a councilman and later become mayor of the municipality of Puerto de Santa Maria.

A. C.: It is a convulsive stage of my life: I went through the Provincial Council, within the Social Welfare Area, I got to know the world of disability. I realized that there was another type of people, who made an effort to move forward in their lives (...) They were difficult functions: During my time at the Provincial Council I joined the Integral Policies Commission. Very communicative, she recognizes the effort of entities like this one (GRUPO ENVERA), which is a source of pride for having invited me. We reach where the Administration does not.

Q.: You do very important work for this group. How is your family made up?

A. C.: I have three children and I am expecting another one.

Q.: How do you feel about having three children, and almost four?

A. C.: I have a sister who has eight children. I know well their sacrifice, the precariousness. Large families were not given the place they need: they are an engine of wealth, economically important, we contribute a lot to society. They must be protected. Their voice, their values and principles must be heard. The governments have to bet, by means of bonuses, etc., so that they can live better.

Q.: Another thing that has caught my attention is how you started. You have to be present, to persevere.

A. C.: I always liked to get involved in social issues, who has illusion, in the end the reward comes. Thanks to my enormous vocation and passion, the reward always comes. Perseverance is a fundamental value in society. I have been a councilman, mayor and now I have the honor of being one of the 350 members of Congress. We work for happiness in general. 

After the radio broadcast, Alfonso Candón visited the rest of Envera's facilities in Colmenar Viejo: the residence for the over 45s and the seriously affected, the special employment center, the sports center and the occupational workshop of the residence.