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Asociación Envera is an NGO accredited by Fundación Lealtad.


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ENAIRE supports with 85,000 euros Envera's projects for the labor insertion of people with intellectual disabilities.

  • Through the ENAIRE Project 180 people with disabilities will get a job
  • Envera and ENAIRE are firmly committed to achieving the SDGs, equal opportunities and social responsibility.

Madrid | July 8, 2020

Envera has obtained the highest score in the call for the award of subsidies 2019 promoted by ENAIRE and aimed at social entities to promote activities for the labor insertion and job creation of people with disabilities. With a grant of 85,000 euros and thanks to Envera's ENAIRE Project, 180 people with disabilities will be able to get a protected and supported employment in the next year.

Envera, a non-profit organization with transparency accredited by Fundación Lealtad, has been working since 1977 to achieve the social and labor inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities, accompanying them throughout their lives. From its Labor Insertion Service (SIL), Envera offers free training, guidance, information and preparation so that people with disabilities can access a job under the same conditions as other candidates, thus contributing to equal opportunities.

For Envera, job placement is one of the basic pillars in the struggle for integration and is one of the most urgent needs of people with intellectual disabilities.

With the support of ENAIRE, Envera's Labor Insertion Service, with offices in Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga, Tenerife and Gran Canaria, will provide support and training to people actively seeking employment, will prepare individualized labor insertion itineraries, will accompany the beneficiaries until they are fully integrated into the workplace and will develop awareness campaigns and social responsibility (CSR) consulting for companies.

Envera also has extensive experience in networking with other entities to promote the employability of people with intellectual disabilities, including the Social Services Centers, REDempleo, La Caixa's INCORPORA Program and Madrid Foro Empresarial, where Envera leads the Competitive Social Responsibility Board.


Inclusion, sustainability and SDGs

"ENAIRE's commitment with sustainable development, with transparency and to meet the expectations of its stakeholders is one of the priority objectives in the development of our activity", say this public company, which for Envera has become "a benchmark in terms of social responsibility to improve people's lives through its commitment with sustainability, social justice and equal opportunities".

Both Envera and ENAIRE are firmly committed to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the UN in the 2030 Agenda and both entities develop joint activities to achieve a better society for all. With the ENAIRE Project for job placement for people with intellectual disabilities, Envera contributes to eleven of the 17 SDGs, including the end of poverty, gender equality, decent work and the creation of alliances.