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Finding a job, the best Christmas present for people with intellectual disabilities

Published in Integration Magazine

Canary Islands : December 30, 2021

Every December, under the auspices of the United Nations, the International Day of Persons with Disabilities is celebrated, and from leading social organizations such as Envera join this day to claim Disfriendly environments (friendly to people with disabilities) where the capabilities are always above what we can not do and that, after all, depends on the circumstances of each of us. Because, think about it carefully, who does not have a disability?

Precisely from Envera, a nonprofit organization that was born 45 years ago, focus their efforts on ensuring that people with intellectual disabilities occupy their place in the world with dignity. Therefore they are aware of the importance of employment to achieve that real inclusion and that for many people with disabilities, especially intellectual, seems an impossible challenge. And I say it seems because from Envera show us every day not only that barriers can be demolished, also that "we can all be the best in something", as their motto says.

In order to achieve this job placement, Envera has FREE specific training programs in its offices in Gran Canaria and Tenerife for people with disabilities to improve their opportunities. A good example of this is that, so far this year alone, seven students with disabilities have already found employment thanks to Envera and the companies that support its social mission.

A close collaboration with the companies that Envera considers "essential" and that they have wanted to thank with the Solidarity Calendar 2022 ¡Madrid Vuela! which Envera recently presented together with Madrid Foro Empresarial to recognize the effort and commitment of business organizations in the midst of economic recovery.

00 Cover of Envera's Solidarity Calendar with Madrid Foro Empresarial

Training for employment, a key to equal opportunities

Envera provides several projects of integrated itineraries of labor insertion (PIIIL) financed by the Canary Employment Service and the Canarias Avanza con Europa program of the European Social Fund.

Thirty students with disabilities are currently being trained at Envera's Tenerife headquarters to acquire the certificates of professionalism of the agricultural family in Auxiliary Activities in Nurseries, Gardens and Garden Centers (and includes two modules of the certificate Auxiliary Activities in Agriculture), with the TERRA Envera project, and the certificate in Horticulture and Floriculture with FLORA Envera.

In the Delegation of Gran Canaria, the certificates AGRO ENVERA (Horticulture and Floriculture), PIIIL NATURA ENVERA (Auxiliary Activities in Nurseries, Gardens and Garden Centers), PIIIL GESTIONA ENVERA (Administrative and General Services) and PIIIL Distribución Envera (Auxiliary Warehouse Activities) are offered. In addition, and as a novelty this year, the first Level 3 Certificate of Professionalism for people with disabilities for Management Assistance (ENVERA MANAGEMENT) has been launched.

In total, Envera trains in Gran Canaria about 90 students with disabilities who carry out their internships thanks to the commitment of the Canary Islands companies, which has also allowed the realization of Mentoring sessions in which the human resources managers of Spar Mogán, Florette and SATOCAN have participated to tell the students how they carry out their selection processes, the most demanded profiles, which are the skills, attitudes and aptitudes they value most, etc. In short, a very enriching experience for the students.

New Employment Guidance Service

Quality, social commitment and innovation are the values that identify Envera. Therefore, in its eagerness to offer new and better services for people with disabilities, Envera has launched for the first time in its Canary Islands offices the Professional Guidance Service for Employment and Assistance for Self-Employment (OPEA) financed with funds received from the State Public Employment Service (Servicio Público de Empleo Estatal).

02 Envera offers employment orientation

Envera offers this service in the municipalities of Tacoronte (from September 15 to July 14) and Ingenio (from October 11 to August 10).

All these projects are in addition to those that Envera develops both inside and outside Spain and with which it serves 4,800 people with intellectual disabilities and their families every year, provides stable employment to more than 800, contributes to eleven Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of the UN and advances towards social justice so that all people have the same opportunities.