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Interview, surprises and confidences with Aviación Sin Fronteras.

Madrid | June 28, 2021

Last Friday, June 25, we had the presence of some high level guests, never better said. The president of Aviación Sin Fronteras, Natalia Galiana; its director, Ana Ferrer; and several volunteers of this NGO friend of Envera came to our Radio Terrícola studios, where the intrepid reporters of Envera's Occupational Center in Colmenar Viejo thanked them for their visit and invited them to participate in one of our best special programs.

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Aviación Sin Fronteras (ASF) is an NGO dedicated, among other projects, to accompany to Spain sick children, usually from North Africa, who need specialized medical assistance. It is the tenacity and effort of a group of volunteers that has moved mountains of solidarity to move this project forward. And that reminds us a little of those fathers and mothers, workers of the Iberia company, who more than 40 years ago decided to join forces to build what today is Envera, our home and that of more than 2,500 people with disabilities who benefit from that admirable initiative.


Games, surprises and a lot of good humor have made this program a comfortable space for our guests, and we don't say that lightly! If anything, they felt at home because we were able to share anecdotes, tastes, fears and even our most unspeakable hobbies.


The visit to the radio station was completed with our version of The Price is Right, in which our guests tried to get as close as possible to the price of the fantastic Envera Handmade pots , created by our beneficiaries from the Occupational Center using recycled material and a lot of expertise.