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Interviews with Yolanda and Mila, Envera professionals for training and employment in Gran Canaria.

Canary Islands | January 22, 2021

Today we had the pleasure of having Yolanda, labor insertion technician, and Mila, PIIL coordinator of administration, both Envera workers on the island of Gran Canaria. Both complement each other in their respective jobs and form a fantastic tandem in which they combine training and employment for people with disabilities.

A great day of interviews, with an enviable turnout and students who deserve the highest praise.

IMG_20210122_124420 IMG_20210122_124447

Yolanda has been with us for many years and Mila only one year, both are great professionals, good communicators and very committed to their responsibilities. In addition, they have let us ask them a lot of questions, with which we took away very good information and great advice for our future.

The blue group of the Envera Occupation Center in Ingenio has once again given a wonderful interview with Mila, our PIIIL Coordinator of Envera in Gran Canaria. She has explained to us what this rare word means, which in a nutshell are training programs to learn a job. She is a good communicator, very clear with what she tells us and with a great facility to connect with all of us. It has also been a very didactic interview with which we have loved to learn and listen to her wise words.

Thank you for the year you have been with us at Envera and may it be many more.

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We were also fortunate to have Yolanda, Envera's Labor Insertion Technician.

Once again we can see that the blue group has taken great care, they have prepared it thoroughly and have achieved a pleasant, didactic, very nice interview that has allowed us to know Yolanda a little better. We all know that she has been with us for many years, almost since she was a little girl, one could say. When she came on vacation with her parents, she already began to feel part of this island. With the passage of time, she managed to come to live and have a job at Envera, for which she has a real passion.

IMG_20210122_103347 IMG_20210122_103359

She confesses that she always wanted to be close to her parents, lovers of this great land. Today they are no longer here but she continues to share with them her love for the island.
Thank you for being with us and we hope that soon we will be able to ask you many more questions.
Huge hugs.