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Interview with José Juan Jerez, president of Pequeño Valiente.

Canary Islands : February 21, 2021

There are people who see the positive side of everything, even in the worst circumstances. Suffering from cancer is one of those situations that mark anyone and even more so if it is suffered by a child.

José Juan is one of those people who always sees the positive side because even though he was living through the terrible news, together with other parents of children with cancer, he decided to face it with positivity, with determination, creating a non-profit organization called Pequeño Valiente. Today she has told us about its origin more than 16 years ago, its objectives, its functioning and a whole luxury of explanations that have been a gift for those attending the program.

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And it is from the bad that we learn more than from the good, José Juan tells us, because good things always happen. This is how now hundreds of girls, boys and their families count on the help of Pequeño Valiente, which would never have existed otherwise. Thanks to the wonderful team that the organization brings together, it is possible to help many of them through their illness in an exemplary manner.

Pequeño Valiente reaches all the Canary Islands and is based in most of them, but it also reaches Madrid, where it supports families from the islands when they have to be hospitalized in the capital. Social and economic support, leisure activities, hospital equipment, physiotherapy, speech therapy, psychological help, home care..., there are many arteries and veins that feed the heart of Pequeño Valiente and that makes them very big.

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Cancer is also a disability while suffering from it and as such it must be understood, our guest tells us, which does not mean that it cancels all capabilities. That is why José Juan tells us that the important thing is to discover the talent we all have. This reminds us a lot of our favorite phrase: "We can all be the best at something". And that is what defines us, not the limitations we have. It is the positive versus the negative, the advancement or nullification that can undoubtedly be a full life.

In Envera, as in Pequeño Valiente, we advance, grow, learn and fight for our ideals of social justice, where opportunities are for everyone.

Our recognition and gratitude to José Juan for his dedication, perseverance and for the beautiful words he has shared with us today.

Let's walk together, Little Brave!