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Asociación Envera is an NGO accredited by Fundación Lealtad.


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Envera and Islazul send more than 8,000 kilos of humanitarian aid to Ukraine

  • More than 80 volunteers from Envera and collaborating companies prepared the material.
  • It will be handed over to the Ukrainian authorities in the Volyn region.


Madrid | March 14, 2022

Last Friday, a trailer loaded with more than 300 boxes of humanitarian material donated by a multitude of people left Madrid and headed for Ukraine to the collection point that Envera, High Strategies Intelligence and the Islazul Shopping Center opened on March 4. The following day, a second truck completed the collection of more than 8,000 kilos destined to help families in the Volyn region resisting the siege of the Russian invasion.

The more than 80 volunteers from Envera, Iberia, Unisys, IES Pío Baroja, Ideorama and Cushman & Wakefield who participated in the collection of donations, reviewed, organized and classified the material in a total of 414 boxes with sanitary instruments, medicines, warm clothes and hygiene products for children and adults, logistical and personal protection material, toys and food. The collection also counted on the collaboration of some stores in the shopping center as well as Panificadora de Alcalá who joined in the donation of products.

For its part, Iberia has also supported the shipment of the material and HSI officials are traveling to Ukraine to supervise the delivery of the aid to the Ukrainian authorities and ensure that it reaches the families in need.

For Envera's CEO, Enrique Grande, "the collection of humanitarian material for Ukraine in collaboration with Islazul and HSI, is a sign of Envera's commitment to the most vulnerable because, being an organization whose purpose is the direct care of people with intellectual disabilities, we also promote networking with other entities to help those who need it most and contribute to the SDGs".

Grande also wanted to highlight the involvement of Envera's employees with and without disabilities, as well as the different departments of the company that have been involved in this initiative from the areas of Commercial, Production, Finance, IT, Human Resources and Communication and Institutional Relations.


Envera recognizes the altruistic and fundamental work done by volunteers to make possible the collection and preparation of humanitarian material for shipment.

THANK YOU to Julia, Marta, Eduardo, Alberto, Enrique, Paloma, Jorge, Inna, Álvaro, Manuel, Rosa María, Chus, Darío, Israel, Fabián Carlos, Yuriy, Miriam, Jorge, Yolanda, Juan Carlos, Nuria, Pedro, Mariano, Justo, David, Cristina, Pedro, Angelines, Lola, Mercedes, Fernando, Maribel, Janet, Luis, Beatriz, Sara, Alba, Benjamín, Adrián, Paloma, Brayan, Jesús, María, Eva, Pedro, Javier, Raúl, Azucena, Estíbaliz, Pilar, Begoña, Felipe, Daniel, Samuel, Ramón, Elena, Bibiana, María José, Juan Pedro, Belén, Guillermo, Javier, Gabriel, Erika, Daniela, Laura, Carlos, Marcos Adonis, Resly, Mariana, Rosa Inés, Amaranta, Álvaro, Erika, Yessica, Laura, Rafael, Juan, Virginia and David.