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Asociación Envera is an NGO accredited by Fundación Lealtad.


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Envera inaugurates Punto Limpio thanks to Iberdrola's corporate volunteerism

  • Carried out by Iberdrola volunteers and Envera students with disabilities.
  • It is part of the company's social responsibility and corporate volunteering.

Madrid | July 17, 2023

Envera, in collaboration with Iberdrola, launches Punto Limpio. This corporate social volunteering project has consisted of the creation, management and maintenance of a waste segregation center for recycling installed in the Envera Building, our headquarters in Madrid , which has Training and Work Insertion Service and a Residence with an Occupational Center. Volunteers from the energy company, together with students with intellectual disabilities and residents, have worked together for five months.

The objective of this CSR project is to raise awareness of the importance of segregating the waste we generate in order to recycle it properly, quantify it and try to reduce it, and to prepare students professionally in this discipline as a way for them to enter the labor market in a sector that is increasingly in demand.

These types of projects also provide other non-tangible benefits and thanks to this corporate volunteering our students, in addition to job preparation, practice a wide variety of skills and competencies such as project planning, collaboration, decision making and time management, increasing their motivation, social relations and communication skills. In addition, collaborative learning allows them to share ideas with each other and with volunteers, express their own opinions and negotiate solutions.

Volunteers also learn and acquire new skills and knowledge about inclusion, contributing to the equal opportunities that come from working in a team with people with intellectual disabilities and other associated people. They learn first-hand about the diverse world in which we live and are open to ideas that allow them to contribute with their work at Iberdrola to a more inclusive society. Corporate volunteering allows them to deepen their pride in belonging to a company that works to improve the society in which it operates and to have the opportunity to teach and share Iberdrola's challenges and its goals to curb climate change and contribute to the sustainability of the planet.