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Asociación Envera is an NGO accredited by Fundación Lealtad.


In collaboration with

Ethiopia, Caritas and Mensajeros de la Paz, new recipients of Envera's donations

  • Envera has delivered a total of two tons of chickpeas, as well as sports equipment, warm clothes, suitcases and backpacks, medicines, pacifiers and infant hygiene items.
  • It is supported by Iberia, MAPOMA and the SEPLA-Ayuda Foundation.

Madrid | October 8, 2021

Envera Group maintains its commitment to help the most vulnerable people through networking with various social entities. Volunteers for Africa, Caritas or Messengers of Peace are some of the latest organizations to which Envera has donated food and basic necessities thanks to the close collaboration of Iberia, MAPOMA and the SEPLA-Ayuda Foundation.

In the case of Caritas Madrid, the donation consisted of food and hygiene items for the Economato Solidario project and its home for the elderly, day care center, shelter, Hogar Santa Barbara and the 'Concepción Jerónima' Women's Center.

For its part, Mensajeros de la Paz has received 7,000 bags from the Madrid Marathon with food and material that will be distributed among the people at risk of exclusion served by the organization founded by Father Ángel.

And outside our borders, since 2010 the NGO Volunteers for Africa has been developing a project to send humanitarian aid to Ethiopia. Currently, the country in the Horn of Africa is in the midst of an internal war which, according to the UN, has caused the displacement of more than 1.5 million people, aggravating the humanitarian crisis in the area where this organization operates.

Envera and Volunteers for Africa regularly collaborate to send suitcases (which are used as closets there), clothes, shoes and everyday materials that the volunteers take directly to the local population.

Envera workers with volunteers from Fair World and Volunteers for Africa.

These solidarity donations are in addition to those that Envera has made in recent months to other projects such as the IFEMA Emergency Hospital, the 'Vicente del Bosque' Soccer School in Senegal, the soup kitchens of the Order of Malta (Madrid) and the San José Hospital (Getafe) or the Spanish Red Cross.

To achieve this, the Envera Solidarity Recycling Center, which employs people with disabilities in charge of the organization and logistics of donations, has the collaboration of companies and organizations such as Iberia, MAPOMA and the SEPLA-Ayuda Foundation which, with their firm commitment to CSR, make a decisive contribution to improving the lives of people with and without disabilities and, ultimately, help to reduce inequalities.

For Envera, a non-profit organization that accompanies 2,500 people with intellectual disabilities every year and provides stable employment to more than 600, networking with other organizations and developing this type of projects means that "people with disabilities also become a reference of solidarity" to advance in the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).