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Irene Villa visits the project 'Envera Inclusion Point' in Islazul

  • Irene Villa gave a talk on self-improvement and self-care in Islazul on the occasion of Valentine's Day.

Madrid | February 25, 2022

Last Tuesday, February 15, on the occasion of Valentine's Day, Irene Villa conveyed the importance of self-care, self-improvement and positive psychology at an event organized by Islazul as part of its 'I love myself' campaign aimed at the shopping center's operators.

The communicator, psychologist and Paralympic skier shared her life experience after the event that changed her life forever: a terrorist attack committed by ETA in 1991, which, at the age of twelve, left her without legs and three fingers on her left hand. Despite the traumatic event, Villa sought refuge in her family, in social support, in sports and, above all, in a positive attitude towards the circumstances that life puts in front of her. Under the title of her conference "knowing that you can always do it", Irene Villa showed that she is an example of overcoming and forgiveness.

Irene Villa (89)

After the lecture, Irene Villa visited the pioneering social project in Europe 'Envera Inclusion Point' with which, thanks to Nuveen Real Estate, Cushman & Wakefield and Islazul, Envera directly employs six people with disabilities and normalizes intellectual disabilities in shopping centers.

At 'Envera Point of Inclusion' visitors can purchase, for a solidarity price, objects from suitcases lost in airplanes, airports and cruises so that they can have a second life in favor of Envera's social project. Also on sale are handcrafted products made by people with intellectual disabilities from the Occupational Center and the Residence for the Elderly of 45 years of age with Premature Aging that Envera has in Colmenar Viejo.


This is a sustainable, scalable project, based on the circular economy and with a direct impact on the achievement of eight Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which has received international recognition as a finalist in the Zero Project Awards and has won the CSR Week award in Spain.