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Lorena de la Torre will represent the Envera Group at the grand parade of the "Support Our Capacity" Solidarity Gala.

Linked to the world of performing arts and passionate about dance, she is studying the 2nd level of Secondary Education, after having successfully passed her qualification as Administrative Assistant. With this opportunity she aspires to fulfill the dream of her life.

Madrid | September 18, 2015

On September 24, the Sports Club La Dehesa in Madrid will host the Solidarity Gala "Support Our Ability" organized by the Agency / School of Models and Actors "Fashion Group" Madrid. With the participation of the model Lorena de la Torre, the Envera Group, a non-profit association that has been working for 38 years in the social and labor inclusion of people with functional diversity, wants to claim once again all the initiatives that aim to improve the lives of people with different abilities. That is the reason why Envera pays attention to them throughout their life cycle, from early care, school support and training, to residential care.

Lorena de la Torre is 22 years old and her dream is to be famous. She is an example of care in every moment of her life, through the multiprofessional team of Grupo Envera. Since she was born, she was attended by the Early Attention Center, where she received the necessary multidisciplinary treatments to improve her development. When she was 6 years old, she started attending school support until she turned 18, looking for an opportunity to develop herself personally and professionally. At 19, she started the PCPI course in our Center in Colmenar Viejo (Madrid), studying Administrative Assistant. Today she has already achieved the 1st level of Secondary Education and continues her studies at the 2nd level, in search of an opportunity to access the world of work.

Lorena has been linked to the world of performing arts since she was a child, participating in plays and ballets. At the Margarita Nelken Cultural Center, located in Coslada (Madrid), she practiced for more than three years Psicodanza, showing her passion for dance.

Now Lorena has a chance to fulfill her dream: she has been selected as a model to participate in the "Support Our Disability" Gala on September 24. Until then, Lorena will receive a specific training scholarship to break the mold in an inclusive and inclusive fashion show, unique in Europe, in which she will be accompanied, among others, by the new Miss Universe Spain 2015, Carla Barber or the bullfighters José Padilla and Cristina Sánchez. All will wear clothes from the best fashion brands, such as Lady Isabel, the first designer with Down Syndrome in the world.

The Gala will be hosted by journalist and writer Andrés Aberasturi and presenter Irma Soriano and will include the participation of artists such as Manolo Royo, Regina Do Santos, Serafín Zubiri, Encarna Navarro, Maria Aguado, Magician Domingo Pisón, Elias la Fuente Danza Down Company, Danzacadi and the Fundación Once Choir.


Interview by Lorena de la Torre in COPE: