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Macarena Gasalla, from the San Pablo CEU University Foundation, on Radio Terrícola breathing optimism.

Madrid | May 13, 2019

Macarena Gasalla is the head of CSR of the San Pablo CEU University Foundation. Last Friday she made her first visit to the Comprehensive Disability Center of Envera, where she learned how we work in the Special Employment Center, visited our athletes in the sports center, enjoyed our particular orchard garden, visited some of the facilities of the welfare area, and finally, went through the microphones of Radio Terrícola.

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In the program El Finde, where we share information about leisure activities for the weekend, we had the expected visit of Macarena mid-morning. With her, we started talking about the activity that she has been developing from the Corporate Social Responsibility department of the CEU San Pablo Foundation and opened one of the debates that most interest us on the radio and to which we dedicate many hours: sustainability, environment and development.

We found the reasoning she gave us to promote a better and fairer future for society as a whole exemplary. The awareness of young people who go through schools, and later through the university, where she works, is decisive to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, the famous SDGs, that is the key.

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He tells us that what he enjoys most is working with people and doing so from the CSR department, where he has the opportunity to launch ideas and programs to motivate, raise awareness and improve the way in which our future entrepreneurs and workers face the challenges of sustainable development to come.

A visit that opens the door for our training students to carry out their curricular practices at CEU, at the university, and also to continue working together for integration in future meetings with students and teachers.

We were delighted with Macarena, we fully share her optimism in looking at the world from all that we can do to improve things and not from what we do to destroy it.

Thank you very much for so much sympathy and see you very soon!!!!!