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Madrid | September 14, 2018

How much we missed live music on Radio Terrícola! Why is that?

María Fernández has been studying music, and specifically the flute, since she was 8 years old and, although she is still very young, she is an expert. Her art and sensitivity have provoked a real gale of emotions among all those who listened to her attentively. She has dedicated many hours to a complicated instrument, to an instrument as difficult as it is evocative, enormously expressive and of unfathomable melodic possibilities, and now, as an extension of her physiognomy, it is part of her. During her interpretations, we notice how she lives each note with her whole body and feels, under her fingers, the tiny keys of this precious instrument that made her suffer so much in her beginnings. Today, almost without realizing it, she transmits us her emotions, her soundscapes, her dreamlike and fantastic worlds. Listening to her is pure reverie.

Can there be anything better for a musician than to transmit, through his interpretation, his own emotions?

The wait was worth it. We could not imagine starting this new musical radio season with such a special and unexpected visit, and that's because Sandra and Cristina, two of María's other colleagues who are true masters with the piano and clarinet, respectively, were not able to come. Next time, eh?

With the Radio Terrícola studio full to overflowing, the overwhelming participation of all the students of the occupational center and users of the day center, expectant faces, some nervousness and a cozy atmosphere, we have started the program in an unusual way. With the live performance of an exceptional piece of music by Claude Debussy: Zyrinx. Everyone was astonished, teleporting to a world of myths and legends, of reed beds and passions, with cadences, successions of notes unusual to our ears, which, however, caught us hopelessly. This is how our guest introduced herself and how we began to discover the bewitching sound of an instrument never before heard in our studio.

Maria told us about her beginnings as a flute student, about the different types of flute and why her instrument, even though it is a brass instrument, belongs to the woodwind family. She introduced us to the composers of the pieces she was playing and told us about the inspirations that had motivated such scores.

During the interview, our colleague José María wrote a beautiful poem to María, which he gave to his muse, visibly affected. A very emotional moment for the audience and surely for the thousands of listeners from all over the galaxy. In turn, Rafa, our particular accordionist, was quick to share his experiences at the academy in Guadalix de la Sierra, where Maria was a teacher. Susana, Clara, Enrique, Pachi, Cristina, Paquito and many more, have pleasantly surprised us with their observations and witty questions.

A fascinating world of music and a close and friendly guest have provoked a barrage of questions that, at times, seemed to have no end. So, with a dedicated audience, the desire to have fun and the eagerness to know, time flew by and we were left wanting more, much more.

We are very grateful to Maria for the morning she gave us with her knowledge and sympathy. We have learned a lot of things with her and we have lived, not less sensations, through that air that she transformed into art.

Here you leave already a lot of perpetual admirers, so you know. see you very soon!!!!!