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Madrid | September 20, 2018

The first anniversary of Radio Terrícola has arrived, with five years of anecdotes and unique characters, of learning and also of great opportunities, where each improvised announcer, each guest and the numerous participants have lived experiences unimaginable just a short time ago.
Today we thank you for moving forward, for continuing to grow and for having more and more friends on the airwaves every day. We celebrate a fantastic day that summarizes the essence of radio: communication. That communication that brings us closer and allows our voice to be heard beyond the small frontier formed by the four walls of Radio Terrícola, five years of broadcasting, five years of countless anthological moments, almost a thousand programs of leisure, sports, music, humor, information, interviews, special programs... programs in which there is room for any topic. Hundreds of hours that have given us voice and presence. And with our microphones we have had the opportunity to meet outstanding personalities of politics, artists, businessmen, sportsmen, great communicators... and an endless number of very interesting guests who have given us their knowledge, their sympathy and their precious time. We have also given them the knowledge of how we see life, of what worries us, of our concerns and we have shown them the capabilities, unknown to many, that we can all be the best at something, even doing radio.

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The program began with the apotheosis of our 5th Anniversary presentation to more than 200 people that crowded the main classroom of the Envera Occupational Center in Colmenar Viejo. We remembered the beginnings of our radio with a video of those images, showing an empty space where magically some huge wooden and glass doors came down from the ceiling, cables appeared everywhere and we saw how that white space was dressed in red, tables, chairs, microphones, computers and a luminous sign with a surprising name appeared: Radio Terrícola. It was our radio studio, our universal space, where everyone could participate and where it would significantly change the way of making our association known to society.

The celebration continued with the projection of numerous videos with the greetings of well-known faces from television, radio, show business... And we saw how they congratulated us: Santiago Segura (actor and director), Jesús del Amor (TVE), Juan Luis Cano (Goma Espuma), David Broncano, Ricardo Castella, Quequé, Valeria Ross (Locomundo), Fe López (TVE), Gregorio Roldán and Mª José García (TVE), Javier Gutierrez and Roberto Chinchilla (actors of Campeones), Pitingo (singer), Ángel Expósito (COPE), Baltasar Garzón (jurist), Jaime Cantizano (presenter), Jorge Fernández (presenter), Ramón Arangüena (RNE), Mona Biegstraaten (CIONET), Enrique Arce (actor), Clara Esteban (Onda Madrid), Roberto Brasero and Sandra Golpe (Antena3), María José Molina and Antolín Romero (TVE), Jesús Álvarez (TVE).

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A great joy has been to see that we are overcoming that 30 m2. space that occupied the radio studio, to what today is Radio Terrícola: a radio that appears in the media and in spaces unthinkable only 5 years ago, as was the transmission from the Teatro de la Zarzuela in Madrid, with the intervention of Plácido Domingo and Antonio Vázquez, in addition to the rest of the artistic cast of the show they offered for the benefit of Envera.
It was hard to imagine that the President of the Supreme Court, Carlos Lesmes, or Rosa María Calaf, TVE's incomparable correspondent for so many years, would pass through our microphones. But there have been so many visits and so interesting that we invite the reader to dive into the podcasts and reviews that will remain forever in the archive of Radio Terrícola and discover the rewarding and enormous work that has been developed during these five years.
We all feel immense pride in the teamwork of the professionals who have been involved and in the enthusiasm of the students and beneficiaries of Envera, who have given their all every time they have stepped in front of a microphone.

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On this special day we have counted on Manu and Juanolas, friends of Radio Terrícola, who wanted to join today's super party with their cute dolls. They have demonstrated their skill and ingenuity by masterfully handling Abuelo and Pelusa, characters created to tell stories, to entertain and to lift the spirits of even the most dull. Their intervention was a little short, so we have agreed that they will be back soon and we will dedicate it exclusively to them. The show was joined by two characters very well known by all: the Stork and Susanita, with the help of José Antonio and Clara. Between the four of them they made us have a great time.

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Very special friends have also wanted to participate, such as Josemari, who is always willing to lend a hand as a volunteer or put his art with the piano. Rodrigo Cea, not least for his involvement since the beginning of Radio Terrícola. Rodrigo is an exceptional guitarist who has visited us on a few occasions to talk about his artistic adventures or to participate in special occasions like this one. So he played a little Eagles song for us, along with the one who is writing these words, and we were so happy to listen to him. A luxury to have friends like Rodrigo and Josemari. Hurray for them.

A special mention goes to Ángel Cea, Rodrigo's father. Angel has been an essential part for the birth and development of the radio. He, with his contacts and his own company, has provided us with all the furniture, signs and other elements that are part of the infrastructure of Radio Terrícola. Infinite thanks to all of them.

The legendary band of the Envera Occupational Center, formed by Josito, Adri, Andrés, Iván and the recent incorporations of Sandra and Sara, together with Josemari's keyboard, have interpreted songs of the last decades, provoking euphoria among the spectators. Impressive.

Anecdotes and unforgettable memories of the programs that have filled so many hours of radio have given way to the words, always exciting, of our president José Antonio Quintero, who has highlighted the pride that these five years of radio have meant for Envera. We say to him: thanks to you, president, for being the way you are (and this is not a joke, he is a very good person).

We could not end this celebration better with one of the protagonists of these 5 years of radio. His program is El Pichichi, which has been broadcasting for more than four years. It is masterfully presented by Antonio Martín Michael, along with his usual collaborators: Javi, Laura, Sara, Pachi, Irene, Berni, Ana Alicia, Jose and Miguel. Antonio Michael Pichichi is a crack of the airwaves and many other things, just look at his work. The program is an example of how they themselves are capable of carrying out programming with the sole supervision of the educators. Bravo to these professionals who have done so much for the radio workshop.

Five unforgettable years that will give way to many more and where we trust that there will never be a lack of enthusiasm to participate, to communicate, to learn and to live experiences that will make us bigger every day.


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