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Radio Terrícola at Islazul's light switch-on

Madrid | November 21, 2022

With a month in advance, but with the joy of noticing the Christmas holidays closer and closer, we broadcast a special program dedicated to Christmas from Islazul Shopping Center. A program that coincides, as it could not be otherwise, with the expected lighting of lights in the mall. A special event with that festive spark that has counted with Radio Terrícola and a magnificent concert by the Mini Talía choir.

Our mobile unit has returned to Islazul accompanied by more than fifty people who have moved from the Envera Occupational Centers in Madrid and Colmenar Viejo with the aim of spending a morning full of fun, music and dancing. A party in style that has not left indifferent to any of the people who were in the mall and has encouraged many of them to join us to share with us their favorite Christmas sweets and, of course, the carols they like the most.

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Accompanied by Javier Martínez, manager of Islazul, we have started a program in which good humor and joy have been the main threads to put the icing on the cake to an event in which we have also taken the opportunity to talk about the reopening of our Envera Inclusion Point in a new location within the larger shopping center to offer that second life to products from suitcases lost in airplanes and airports, as well as the products made by the people with intellectual disabilities at the Occupational Center and the Residence for the Elderly of 45 years of age with Premature Aging that Envera has in Colmenar Viejo.



Our thanks to Islazul's management for giving us such a spectacular space for the program and for continuing to support unique initiatives such as the Envera Inclusion Point, where, on these dates, we continue, as always, to share an essential part of who we are.