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Madrid | September 14, 2018

During this course, our theater company has not been able to reap more applause and praise with their show La Zebra Camila. A new initiative of the teachers and students of the Envera Occupational Center, in Colmenar Viejo. They have performed their show in schools, events and as many scenarios have claimed their acclaimed representation, tomorrow on the demanding stage of the Casa de la Juventud de Colmenar Viejo. But today has been different, very different and full of pleasant surprises.

From the Funprodami Foundation, we have been visited by a theater group called "Valientes" or "Valientes Group". A whole company formed by Pablo del Rosal Fuentes, as Fofito; Nuria Cano Cano Cano, as Luri; Sergio Rodríguez Madrileños, as Oscar Gutierrez; Odile Perez Sanchez, as Kalinin; Celia Serrano Camaño, as Tali; Daniel Barrado Nieto, as Txus; Nuria Cano Cano Cano, in the direction; and Elisa Cano Rodríguez, in costumes, characterization and space. With them, the fabulous play: Cataclown.

So it was the perfect opportunity to organize a theatrical morning of exchange, fun and great fun with two very different performances, but very witty and impeccable work shared between professionals and students. The two plays were offered to a majority of the users of the Envera Integral Disability Center in Colmenar Viejo. Then, after harvesting a fervent enthusiasm among the audience, the company of Grupo Valientes have moved to the studio of Radio Terrícola, where they have told us the details of their project, the foundation to which they belong, their hopes and concerns.

Fantastic day, where we have felt proud and represented by the fabulous performers of the two theater companies, their art, their impressive commitment and enviable professionalism.

Many thanks to all of them and our most euphoric congratulations for their impeccable work and for keeping alive the flame of creativity, illusion and dreams. As they say before each performance: "up with the curtain, down with the barriers" and their cry: "one, two, three... Funprodami".

How wonderful it has been to share the experience of interpreting without prejudice, with so much talent and with such suggestive ideas that we all have a thorn in our side to try and live it as they do.

Congratulations, BRAVE ones, go ahead with CATACLOWN!!!!

Let the show go on!