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Madrid | September 14, 2018

One more morning, the microphones of Radio Terrícola have been put into operation after a slight technical stop of just over 24 hours. Last Saturday, our mobile unit went to the Moraleja Green shopping center, on the occasion of the solidarity day "A dream a garden", an initiative of the landscaper Fernando Pozuelo, where we have shown some of the activities we do with our boys and girls of Envera: crafts, live radio, zumba and dance sessions, storytelling ... a whole display of skills and fun that have not left anyone indifferent.

Today, Monday, we received with enthusiasm the visit of Carmen Varela, founding patron and director of the Avintia Foundation. A long awaited visit that has left us with a lot of expectations and where common concerns and objectives between Envera and its Foundation have been highlighted.

Carmen told us about those lines of action where the foundation focuses its efforts: improving the environment in which we live by promoting sustainable projects, supporting research and, above all, the humanitarian aspect of all its actions. These are all issues that could not be more in line with the work we do with people.

The relationship with Envera, Carmen explains, is very recent, as is the very existence of the foundation, which is barely two years old. A short period of time in which they have already faced such important challenges as adapting a house to the needs of two brothers, 11 and 4 years old, affected by childhood ALS; providing a temporary home in their Casa Avintia to relatives of children undergoing ICU treatment at La Paz Hospital, and who do not live in Madrid; supporting research into advanced therapies against childhood cancer... All an achievement of which she is very proud and which moves us.

Accompanying Carmen, Sofia sits next to her, a very young girl who has worked as a volunteer at the Hogar Don Orione and is currently working with the Avintia Foundation. An example of how maturity and commitment are not at odds with the youth of those who exercise it. Ole, Sofia!

The minutes flew by and in no time at all we were already taking a family photo under the Radio Terrícola sign. The visits are always short, but it is good to stay wanting more, it is the lure for future visits where it is sure a pleasant reunion.

See you soon and thank you very much for your visit.