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Students with disabilities complete the 8th edition of the Envera Cooking Course "Cocina Formándote".

  • The course was co-financed by the Ministry of Family, Youth and Social Policy of the Community of Madrid and the European Social Fund.


Madrid | July 28, 2022

Today, the general manager of Envera, Enrique Grande, presented the diplomas and certificates of completion of the "Cocina Formándote" course to the students of Envera's Labor Insertion Service who have completed their training as kitchen assistants thanks to the "Cocina Formándote" course.

This event has been the closing of a specialized training that aims to improve the chances of finding employment for people with disabilities, especially intellectual disabilities, who receive this course for free and that includes training practices in hospitality companies to access one of the most sought after professions in the labor market.

290848781_4921786467933038_6106088684072859835_nDuring the course, which was held between the months of March and July, the Envera students have learned, under the guidance of chef Javier González García and at the facilities of El Gusto Es Nuestro, culinary techniques and processes, occupational risk prevention, social and labor skills, as well as customer service culture. With all this, they have completed more than 400 hours of theoretical and practical training, with internships in companies in the hospitality sector.

For Javier Gonzalez "practices continue to be the icing on the cake of the course and we have to thank Artigot Catering, Alma Cheli, Comedores Blanco, Granier and Mo de Movimiento for their commitment to promote the integration of people with intellectual disabilities and contribute to normalize their activities as part of society".

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In addition, during this course, students got involved to help the Ukrainian NGO we work with from Envera, VGO Coalition, the largest network of Ukrainian entities for the protection of the rights of people with intellectual disabilities in Ukraine. One of the organizations that remain in Ukraine working to protect and help the most vulnerable.

At the request of the organization's director, Yuliia Klepets, our students were in charge of making Spanish cooking recipes that we subsequently dubbed and subtitled into Ukrainian so that people with intellectual disabilities and their families, who are still in the country, could prepare them at home as a way of establishing new activities and routines.

By overcoming the training and their work, Envera's students have demonstrated that with effort, dedication and the necessary support, there are no insurmountable barriers and now they have a new opportunity to continue breaking down prejudices.


Envera is already preparing the ninth edition of the Cooking Course that will begin next January. More information and registration: info@grupoenvera.org