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Halloween on Radio Terrícola de Canarias! The funniest horror!

Canary Islands | October 30, 2020

In today's program we have celebrated Halloween in the most terrifying and funniest way imaginable. The terrifying costumes worn by the participants in the Radio Terrícola workshop have caused a sensation even in the goblins hidden in the corners of the Envera Occupational Center in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.


It is possible that due to this unique setting the participation has been massive, with opinions and opinions chilling to all our tormented souls. We have enjoyed, we have shared, we have learned and, most important of all, we have experienced the diversity among ourselves with respect and admiration. Each one with their own vision of the event: some with fear of the afterlife, others with the illusion of a different day, others do not like it because it brings back bad memories... in short, all of us with our opinions and all of them valuable. If only we lived this same attitude in all the contexts of our lives.

IMG_20201030_102718 IMG_20201030_111853

We are an example, of that we can be very proud, even on days as overwhelming as Halloween.

Welcome to the creepy fun of Earth Radio!