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Madrid | January 3, 2019

At the beginning of summer we had a long awaited visit in our facilities of the Integral Disability Center of Envera, in Colmenar Viejo: we were visited by Alberto Gutierrez and José María Palomino, one operations director and the other director of corporate social responsibility, both from Airbus Spain, and both also intervening briefly in Radio Terrícola. Two heavyweights of one of the most powerful companies in the world in terms of aircraft and satellite construction.

Today we have received the visit of a large group belonging to the General Purchasing Division of Airbus. As representatives of all of them, Ana, Jorge, Rocío, Héctor, Natalia and Laura, have sat at the microphones ready to give their all in front of their interlocutors: David, Carlota, José María and Irene, as representatives also of their colleagues from the Envera Occupational Center, cradle of Radio Terrícola.

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As in the last interview with Alberto and José María, today's visit has delighted us with the dedication and sympathy shown in the improvised intervention in our radio station by such willing characters. And the radio, without knowing why, has shown us that it is an ideal catalyst to show the best of ourselves. Positive energy is a prodigy, it is always present in these four walls wide open for everyone.

Once again, the program was a little short. Agendas are unforgiving and the feverish activity of these distinguished guests, coming from different parts of the Spanish territory, hastened their interventions with the lively eagerness of all to extend what was already a radiophonic high as they narrated anecdotes, aeronautical knowledge, longings and episodes of humorous exaltation.

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Even so, and as it happens with those exquisite and scarce dishes, where we want to say: give me 20 or 30 like this one. It's the same here: we want more and it's not possible.
It is true that we have yet to visit the Airbus facilities in Getafe, which more than a facility is a real technological city where it is hard to believe that in this country, sometimes so mistreated by ourselves, they are manufacturing parts for the most impressive airplanes on the planet.
On the occasion of the future Envera-Airbus solidarity calendar, there we took some beautiful pictures with Airbus workers and people from Envera. There we could contemplate the Belga, a gigantic Airbus transport plane, and a whole series of incredible industrial buildings, with wings of more than 30 meters that stretched as far as the eye could see, or where high technology is present even in the tiniest piece of these giants that will transport us to other worlds almost without realizing it.

The names Envera and Airbus are frequently read together every day and that is a source of pride for all of us.

Thank you for your visit and don't let it fade away next December 3rd, knowing that you will no longer escape the relentless questions of our earthly reporters. See you soon, friends.