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Plácido Domingo: "We are happy. We have to repeat this concert for Envera".

Resounding success of the solidarity concert that starred the universal tenor together with figures such as Antonio Vázquez, Ruth Iniesta, Belén López-León, Auxiliadora Toledano, María Ruiz, Enrique Ferrer and Israel Lozano.

Gema Hassen-Bey presented the evening and Óliver Díaz conducted the Orquesta de la Comunidad de Madrid in a historic gala organized by Iberia.

The proceeds will go entirely to Envera's mission: to care for more people with disabilities throughout their life cycle and create more sheltered employment for them.


Madrid | May 06, 2016



Madrid's Teatro de la Zarzuela hosted last Sunday, May 1, a solidarity concert organized by Iberia in favor of Envera, whose protagonist was the tenor Plácido Domingo, a universal figure who is committed to this organization: "It is a great illusion to unite music and solidarity, and contribute to a cause that improves the lives of so many people".

The Orquesta de la Comunidad de Madrid, under the baton of conductor Óliver Díaz, put music to an evening conducted by Paralympic fencer Gema Hassen-Bey and in which a total of eight singers performed different areas of opera and zarzuela such as Chélla mi creda, Quando ménvo, Me llaman la primorosa or Libiamo Ne'lieti Calici before a dedicated and committed audience that made the "no tickets available" sign go up.

Before the concert, José Antonio Quintero, president of Envera, wanted to thank the involvement of all those present, especially Plácido Domingo and Antonio Vázquez, for helping in what has been Envera's mission for almost 40 years: the social and labor inclusion of people with disabilities. Quintero, surrounded on stage by beneficiaries of the Association, ended his words by paying tribute to mothers, "millions of women who with their love, dedication and courage make every day a new victory for their children to take their place in the world with dignity".

Luis Gallego, President of Iberia, also spoke on behalf of the company, expressing the support it has given to Envera since its beginnings. Luis Gallego announced to the audience attending this historic gala that a new airline plane will bear the name of Plácido Domingo, in recognition of his figure and career.

And this was not the only surprise: at the end of one of the duets between Plácido Domingo and Antonio Vázquez, the latter, president of IAG, wanted to thank Plácido for his solidarity and, accompanied by several members of Envera and the audience that crowded the theater, they sang in unison the happy birthday to the tenor, to whom they also gave a bouquet of 75 white carnations, "my favorite flowers - he thanked emotionally - because they are the ones that give me strength".

placidoconenvera57This great concert was also attended by the mobile unit from Radio TerrícolaThe program, which is performed by people with disabilities from the Occupational Center and the Envera Residence for people over 45 years of age. Its speakers, during a special program prepared to cover the occasionThey welcomed the public upon their arrival at the theater with interviews and had the opportunity to collect the impressions of Plácido Domingo himself, who assured at the end of the concert that "all the Envera boys are happy with life, so we hope that this will be repeated". Thank you, maestro!

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