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Valentine's Day on Radio Terrícola with Aernnova

Madrid | February 15, 2019

Valentine's Day is always an important reason to celebrate in this house, in our "terrestrial" radio station. Today it is even more so because we have had a very special visit from our friends and collaborators from Aernnova, with whom we have been working and collaborating for more than a decade.

At the beginning of the program, it can be said that there was literally no room in the studio and in the entire classroom where Radio Terrícola is located, inside the Envera Occupational Center, in Colmenar Viejo. We were more than 125 people who were waiting for what was going to happen on such an important day.

img_5085 img_5086

For a week or more, the "love mailbox" had been filling up with letters, beautiful messages of love, admiration and so much affection that even the cardboard that enveloped it was transforming from gold to the most intense red.

And this fantastic agitation was verified by Néstor, Aernova's manager, and his colleagues Eva, Enrique, Óscar Jorge and Victoria, all from Aernnova's Management Committee. They themselves read and listened to some of these intimate statements, as healthy as they were funny.

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The atmosphere was heated and the feverish intensity increased. Hugs, kisses and surprises flooded with good vibes even the most hidden corners and we can say that, one more day, we were happy to see so many people enjoying so much.

We trust that for next year "the love mailbox" will be well present in Aernnova's facilities, because there can be no place left where good feelings are shown, without shame and affection.

Thank you very much for your visit and commitment to Envera.

Until then, then!