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Interview with Ciriaco Perez, from the NGO Proyecto Gambia

Canary Islands | March 22, 2021

In Radio Terrícola, in the Envera Delegation in Gran Canaria, every Friday we usually interview people close to us, to our association, and, above all, people who give us a positive vision of what human beings are capable of doing to improve the world in which we live, either in their immediate environment or, as in the case of Ciriaco, in countries like Gambia.

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Thanks to the expertise and hard work of the reporters in the studio of Radio Terrícola and the masterful presentation of Cynthia, all of them from the blue group of the occupational center, we learned that Ciriaco Pérez is vice president of the NGO Proyecto Gambia and a luxury guest, no doubt, because we had the opportunity to learn a little of a country that, although it is not so far from our borders, we are separated by more than 50 years of development and also amazing distances to be happy with very little.

It was almost 23 years ago that a group of friends decided to organize themselves to improve the lives of many people who lacked the basics. Today that effort and dedication has achieved such amazing milestones as the fact that one of those children, to whom they provided an education, is the deputy director of the project, being already a university graduate. Of course, we have been deeply moved and admire the impressive mission they have been carrying out in educational and health projects in Gambia.

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It is the tenacity and effort of 22 people, and a good handful of volunteers, that has moved mountains of solidarity where there was so little hope. And that reminds us a little of those parents, workers of the Iberia company, who 41 years ago decided to join forces to build what is now Envera, our home and that of more than 2,500 people who benefit from that admirable initiative.

The Gambia Project is another mirror to look into and learn from the commitment, solidarity and empathy of people who are by our side, by the side of those who imagine a better and fairer world for all.

Thank you, Ciriaco, for sharing your experiences with us and thank you for the example you represent.