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Interview in Radio Terrícola to Nuria and Jose, Envera's Labor Insertion technicians in Gran Canaria.

Canary Islands : February 26, 2021

We all know how important work is in our lives, even more so if we are people with some kind of disability. Hence the importance of training, job orientation and knowledge to show the business world that we are capable of performing a job, as much as anyone else.

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Today, in our interview program we have received two experts in labor insertion of people with disabilities. They are Nuria and Jose, both of them, labor insertion technicians at Envera in Gran Canaria. Both have been with us for a year and three months and are our best allies in our search for a job. They guide us with our skills, attitudes and aptitudes necessary to be able to find a job and to be able to continue developing ourselves in what we like and for which we are more gifted.

They have given us a lot of advice, as well as explaining perfectly how Envera works in this regard. We have loved the ease with which they have motivated us to continue striving every day in our training, in how to better develop our skills and to demonstrate to the business world that we all have the ability to "be the best in something". And we are sure of that.


At Envera we work with more than 800 people, 70% of whom have disabilities, in addition to all the people who are trained, receive care and live with us. Thanks to people like Nuria and Jose, society is understanding this feeling of improvement that inspires us to continue growing as people for what we are capable of and NOT for what we are not capable of.

This inspires us to keep striving and improving every day. In that we are the champions

Friends, colleagues of Envera, thank you very much for your kindness, knowledge and willingness to share. We are always waiting for you with open arms.

See you next time.