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We interviewed Pablo Angulo, partner of the Envera Special Employment Center in Gran Canaria.

Gran Canaria | May 3, 2022

Last Friday, April 29th, we received in our Radio Terrícola studios our colleague Pablo Angulo García, worker of the Envera Special Employment Center in Gran Canaria.

Thanks to the work of our great reporters and the professionalism of Pablo, we have achieved a fantastic interview that brings us closer to the day to day of Envera's workers and professionals at the Special Employment Center.


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Throughout this interview we have been able to know how many years Pablo has been with the Envera group, how he got here and how he feels being part of the team. We invite you to listen to the full interview, but we already tell you that it has been a great joy to know how good he feels in the EWC.

Once again, in a conversation full of anecdotes, laughter and joy, our guest and our reporters demonstrate that, as we say at Envera, "we can all be the best at something".


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On the other hand, from Radio Terrícola we know that being at ease in a job does not depend only on work but also on the time and independence it gives you to enjoy other activities, and that is why we have also shared what activities we like to do when we are not in the studio and we have talked at length about sailing, a sport that our colleague Pablo has been practicing since he was fifteen years old and that he is passionate about.

We are sure you will enjoy the program as much as we did!