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Envera, Iberia and Ineco collaborate with the 'Vicente del Bosque' Soccer School in Senegal

  • The project has received the 'Corazón de Olavidia Award'.
  • Envera has been collaborating since 2020 with the shipment of sports equipment and institutional support.

Madrid | May 8, 2024

On April 6, Vicente del Bosque, recently appointed president of the commission that will supervise the RFEF and Envera's sports ambassador, presented the 'Corazón de Olavidia' Award, granted by the Town Council of Carboneros (Jaén), to Limamou M'bengue for his humanitarian work as founder and director of the Soccer School that bears the name of the former Spanish national team coach in Senegal.

Envera representatives were present at the awards ceremony to congratulate and accompany the winner on a very special day.

Envera, an NGO that was born from Iberia 47 years ago and whose main mission is the social and labor inclusion of people with disabilities, maintains a close and permanent collaboration with the soccer school that Lima, as the former Atlético de Madrid player is known, directs in Dakar.

Through its project Alas comprometidas de envíos solidarios, Envera has sent several shipments of sports and school supplies, clothing and other aid to support the project, which has already taken almost a hundred children off the streets, helping them to attend school, and for whom soccer has become a means of inclusion and healthy leisure, but above all, to have a better future.

This work has not been done alone. Envera, which promotes collaboration and alliances to network and help the most vulnerable people, has had the support of Iberia, MAPOMA, the Air Force and Aviación sin Fronteras to help Lima in recent years. An important entity such as Ineco has also joined this solidarity project.

The public engineering company, which reports to the Ministry of Transport and Sustainable Mobility, has provided its experience and support to perimeterize the site where the children of the Soccer School carry out their sports activities, contributing to their safety and to consolidating and perpetuating the project.

During his last visit to Spain and after collecting the award in Carboneros, Lima was received by the Ineco team, with its Executive Director of Corporate Coordination, Celestino Rodríguez, to evaluate the joint work carried out so far and to study new collaborations to continue supporting the children of the sports center.

Taking advantage of the trip, M'bengue was also received by the general director of Envera, Enrique Grande, and had the opportunity to share a day with people with intellectual disabilities from Envera, who asked him about the Soccer School on Radio Terrícola's microphones.

Finally, a few weeks ago Lima returned to Senegal and did not take with him only the 'Corazón de Olavidia'. Thanks to Envera and, once again, to Iberia, he was able to fly with a load of suitcases full of shirts, kits, soccer boots and, above all, a lot of solidarity. Such as the solidarity shown by the Iberia and Envera volunteers who supported Lima in transporting the cargo to the airport and throughout the trip to its destination: a soccer school that is a second chance for those who have practically nothing.

Lima with Iberia and Envera volunteers at Madrid Barajas Airport
Lima with Iberia and Envera volunteers at Madrid Barajas Airport
Lima, on her return trip to Senegal, with the crew of the Iberia flight.
Lima, on her return trip to Senegal, with the crew of the Iberia flight.