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Envera and Dia España join forces to help the most vulnerable people: "You can't imagine their happy faces".

  • They have delivered more than 4 tons of basic necessities to vulnerable people in Spain and abroad.
  • Volunteers for Ukraine, Mundo Justo, Hombre Nuevo Tierra Nueva and the NGO Pato Amarillo have been among the beneficiaries.

Madrid I May 28, 2024

Envera, through its Solidarity Recycling Center, and Dia España have joined forces to donate more than four tons of personal hygiene, hygiene and drugstore products to people at risk of social exclusion and vulnerable families, both in Spain and in countries suffering serious social crises such as Cuba.

All this material has been delivered by Dia España, from its logistics centers in Getafe and Illescas, to Envera which, thanks to its Network of Alliances with other NGOs, has donated gels, shampoos, razor blades, perfumes, diapers or disinfectant cleaners, which are just some of the products already available to the social entities with which Envera has collaboration agreements with the commitment and monitoring that the aid reaches those who really need it.

In this way, Envera's Solidarity Recycling Center, which is part of its Special Employment Center and is led and managed by people with disabilities, has received, organized and finally delivered the material to various non-profit organizations.

Giving to Volunteers for Ukraine
Giving to Volunteers for Ukraine

Yolanda Mínguez is president and co-founder of Volunteers for Ukraine, one of the NGOs that has received this aid and which emerged at the beginning of the Russian invasion to provide assistance to displaced refugees in Spain.

Mínguez herself explains that among the people they help there are women over 70 years old, some of them alone here and who barely speak our language. One of them has just sent her a message "in her Google Translator Spanish" to thank her for the perfume she has been given. "You can't imagine their happy faces."

Mundo Justo and Pato Amarillo, which serve the homeless and mothers with children at risk of exclusion in Madrid, and Hombre Nuevo, Tierra Nueva, which sends humanitarian aid to Cuba, have also received donations in recent weeks.

In addition to these deliveries, Envera makes regular deliveries to some twenty social entities that receive, among other items, suitcases, school supplies, medicines, clothes, children's strollers and food from its Solidarity Recycling Center, making people with disabilities the architects of solidarity and expanding Envera's social impact, focused since 1977 on the comprehensive care of people with disabilities throughout their life's journey.

Donation to Pato Amarillo (Orcasitas)
Donation to Pato Amarillo (Orcasitas)

Thanks to this network of alliances, Envera's social work contributes to11 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the UN Agenda 2030, which are also joined by companies that collaborate with Envera's mission, as is the case of Dia España through this initiative.

Donation to Hombre Nuevo Tierra Nueva, an NGO that helps Cuba.
Donation to Hombre Nuevo Tierra Nueva, an NGO that helps Cuba.