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Madrid | September 14, 2018

More than forty years have passed since the origin of our association, during which those determined parents of the Iberia company took a giant step forward by organizing themselves and creating what today is a consolidated social project open to the whole of society. With more than 700 workers, with and without disabilities, supporting more than 300 athletes and assisting 2500 people throughout their lives, providing them with training and work, occupational workshops, guardianships, residences and special employment centers... that dream is today Envera.

But getting this far has not been easy. Without the support of companies like Iberia, it would have been an impossible mission. But for many years there have also been other driving forces that have pushed us to believe that a better and fairer world was possible. This is the case of multinational companies such as Airbus, which have been there, shoulder to shoulder with Envera for so many years. They have been, and are, patrons and allies in the face of the thousand adversities we have encountered throughout our existence.

That's why today is a particularly pleasant day to welcome two very representative people from Airbus: Alberto Gutierrez, Operations Director, and José María Palomino, Corporate Social Responsibility Director. Friendly and very interested in what we do, they made the minutes we shared in front of the microphones very easy.

The program was very brief, as we already knew due to the overwhelming activity of our protagonists. Even so, it has been intense in content and emotions.
Thanks to Chelo, Cristina's mother, one of our most beloved users of the occupational center, we have connected directly with the guests without the need for a long day on the radio. Chelo and Alberto went to university together. The friendship between them and the relationship that unites us with Airbus has been the coincidence for everything to be like one of those engines that are manufactured in their facilities: impeccable.

They have told us about the normality and diversity in their company's work environment, also about the airplanes, helicopters and satellites they build... about the publications they produce with the huge amount of knowledge their professionals treasure. We have shared ideals and illusions and, once again, we have learned from the best.

We must say that Chelo, besides being a super computer engineer, is a regular collaborator in the craft workshops and a person always willing to lend a hand in whatever is needed. She is our luxury volunteer. Bravo for Chelo!

We have said goodbye supporting the great initiative that was launched a few days ago from the Spanish Association Against Cancer: instead of a minute of silence, let's add our energy through music, singing "Dando la cara por ti", just at 12 o'clock in the morning. And that is what we have done, also dreaming that someday the suffering caused by such a disease will come to an end.

Both at Airbus and Envera, we can be the best at something and they are number one in their field, there is no doubt about that. Alberto and José María have proved it to us with their dedication and friendliness.

Thank you very much for your visit and see you soon!!!!