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Madrid | January 3, 2019

It is always a joy to receive in our house in Envera, in our radio studio, people who, in addition to being involved with their social responsibility policies, provide knowledge and at the same time are open to learn from everything. And that is the feeling we have had with Korporate's visit.

There were about fifty people coming from different parts of Spain, where the company has offices. They all visited part of our facilities at the Integral Center for Disability, in Colmenar Viejo, to finish at Radio Terrícola, where we got to know each other a little better.

At the microphones sat Alejando Jimenez, CEO of Korporate, and Leandro Bermejo, President of Ricopia Group. The other guests remained expectant from the rear, but also very attentive to events. On Envera's side, Josito and Adrián conducted the program with the help of Bea, Ramón, Nacho and Fran, as well as other colleagues also in strategic positions, infiltrated among the audience.

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Alejandro and Leandro told us about their company, about the sophisticated technology they work with, about robotics and artificial intelligence, about 3D printers... with which you can print anything and with any material. The imagination began to work and, without further ado, Fran suggested whether they could print a 500 hp car with an impotent girl inside. Nacho would like to print Isabel Preysler and Bea a Thermomix. In short, there are no limits.

The program runs with a friendly and participatory tone, but it is short, there is no more time. They are waiting for you at the sports center for some zumba dances with our kids, a game of field hockey or a game of table tennis.

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We have enjoyed together and we have felt very good teaching them what we are and how we are. We have also learned from their team spirit, their eagerness to grow and the stimuli that should be encouraged among workers in the companies of the 21st century.

We thank you for sharing your valuable time with us and, of course, for the collaboration with Envera for several years now.

Thank you and see you soon!