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Orchestra conductor Silvia Sanz and her daughter Alba on Radio Terrícola

Madrid | February 4, 2019

Of course, music exerts on all of us an indescribable attraction due to the infinite complexity of emotional nuances that can be implicit in it. Thus, if a simple melody of a few notes is capable of transporting us to other worlds or inspiring deep feelings, what emotional level can the masterful harmonic conjunction of a great symphonic orchestra with more than 100 musicians can provoke? If we have also had the good fortune of being born with the necessary musical aptitudes, such as a precise ear, a good sense of rhythm, sensitivity, good memory... and such an overwhelming capacity for work as to be able to conduct an orchestra, we cannot imagine other professions that come so close to the divine and supreme.

Today we have had the fortune to meet one of those people: she is Silvia Sanz, orchestra conductor. Together with her daughter Alba, dedicated to musical interpretation through percussion, we have been able to enjoy an exceptional master class that has caught us and has caused us an uncontainable stimulus to listen to good music, to learn to get sound from our own body or with any instrument that we have to mono, to live and feel the music as an essential part of life. That is the magic transmitted by those who live and feel what they say. That's how they are.

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Last December, the Jonsui orchestra, conducted by Silvia, thrilled us with the Christmas Concert they generously offered in favor of the Fundación Tutelar de Envera. More than 70 children interpreted fragments of the most famous composers in the Plenary Hall of the Municipal Board of Barajas. Full house and euphoria in the seats, a show for the senses. We all enjoyed the spectacular work that Silvia is developing in a project as hopeful as worthy of all the praise. Our most sincere admiration, congratulations!!!!

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During the interview, they talked about their projects, their musical experiences, the exciting world of orchestral conducting, how effort makes it possible to complete a musical career without abandoning other studies, and the emotions experienced with music. Both speak with enthusiasm, passion and also with a good dose of sympathy that captivates us all and leaves us wanting more.

Splendid program shared with different groups and teachers of the Occupational Center of Envera, in Colmenar Viejo. A morning where we have all learned from two great MUSIC, each in their own facet and with their particularities. A great teacher with an international name and outstanding experiences and a student who is proud of what she does and who we have no doubt that she will fly very high among sonatas and symphonies.

Thank you for the gift of your visit. I hope to see you again very soon.