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Asociación Envera is an NGO accredited by Fundación Lealtad.


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Training for employment

Envera, in its mission to achieve and support the employability of people with disabilities, provides professional programs and specialized courses in different branches of knowledge so that students increase their chances of access to the labor market.

Our experience, based on a practical and individualized methodology, and the successful promotion of our students are our best guarantees.

In addition, all our students receive guidance and advice on how to find a job.:

  • Active job search.
  • Preparation of personal interviews.
  • Elaboration of curricula.

We are currently developing trainings in Madrid and the Canary Islands (Tenerife and Gran Canaria):

  • Kitchen
  • Customer Service
  • Administrative Services
  • Gardening
  • Agriculture

All our training projects include a methodology methodology adapted to the students and a program of internships in companies companies in the sector.


Training in Tenerife


The JARA and TILO Envera 2022-2023 projects are part of the Integrated Itinerary Projects for Labor Market Insertion (PIIIL), which are financed by the Canary Islands Employment Service.

The general objective of these itineraries is to provide students with the theoretical and practical knowledge and the necessary social and/or personal tools to improve their employability, with the ultimate goal of enabling them to obtain, perform and maintain a qualified job and thus promote their social and labor insertion.

They are aimed at people with physical, mental and/or sensory disabilities with a disability certificate equal to or higher than 33% (whose disability is not an impediment in itself for the development of their own tasks) and who are registered as job seekers.


  • To access the JARA Envera Project (level 1 certificate of professionalism for Auxiliary Activities in Nurseries, Gardens and Garden Centers + 2 modules of the Auxiliary Activities in Agriculture certificate) interested parties do not require do not require minimum initial qualification.
  • To access the TILO Envera Project (level 2 certificate of professionalism in Horticulture and Floriculture), interested parties must have a secondary school diploma, a level I Certificate of Professionalism in the agricultural family or level II Key Competences.

The training is free of charge and each project consists of 15 places. They will be developed between January 18, 2023 and September 29, 2023, accepting documentation from any interested person during this period in order to select participants and create a reserve pool to cover possible casualties.

The general schedule for the courses is Monday to Friday from 07:45 to 12:45 hours.

The projects include the realization of professional internships to favor the social and labor insertion of the students of the itinerary and, in addition, the monthly receipt of a assistance grant at a rate of €9.00/day, as well as a transportation allowance 1.50/day of attendance and/or, where applicable, a aid for work-life balance.

Jara Envera / Tilo Envera - Labor Insertion Itineraries Projects

  • Envera also offers in Tenerife a Project of Training in Alternation with Employment (PFAE), through which students-workers receive formal training while having an employment contract.The students-workers receive official training at the same time as they have an employment contract.

More information and registration at Envera headquarters in Tenerife or at:

tenerife@grupoenvera.com / 628 801 411

Training in Gran Canaria

Through its headquarters in Gran Canaria and with a wide experience in the education and training of professionals with disabilities, Envera offers several FREE training activities with the main objective of improving the employability of people with disabilities.

PFAE BELINGO ENVERA - Training Project in Alternation with Employment

  • Certificate of Professionalism in Dynamization of Educational Leisure Activities for Children and Youth (SSCB0209)
  • Certificate of Professionalism in Installation and Maintenance of Gardens and Green Zones (AGAO0208)

This program is aimed at 15 unemployed people with disabilities and will be developed at the Envera Occupational Center, at the Mental Health Day Center and at the Los Aromeros farm, with the objective that the students - workers will be able to organize, animate, evaluate and dynamize activities aimed at children and youth, within the framework of a program based on environmental respect and animal welfare, with the social purpose of promoting the social and labor insertion of people with disabilities through training in the sector of socio-cultural, community and agricultural services.

Funded by the SEPE and the Canary Islands Employment Service.

Start and end date: 08/02/24 to 01/22/25.

PFAE BEJEQUE ENVERA - Project for Training in Alternation with Employment

  • Certificate of Professionalism in Auxiliary Activities in Nurseries, Gardens and Garden Centers (AGAO0108)
  • Certificate of professionalism in Ancillary Activities in Agriculture (AGAX0208)

The program is aimed at 15 unemployed people with disabilities. During the development of the program, the students - workers will carry out the necessary tasks for the implementation and maintenance of green areas in the park La Capellanía and in the farm Los Aromeros in order to promote the social and labor insertion of people with disabilities through training in the agricultural sector. In addition, vegetables will be produced in the practice farm and the harvests obtained will be delivered to the Food Bank of Las Palmas in order to provide organic, healthy and fresh food to the most vulnerable families on the island.

Funded by the SEPE and the Canary Islands Employment Service.

Start and end date: 02/15/24 to 01/30/25.