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SIL user presents the conference "Managing people, managing talent".

Last Tuesday, October 21, Andrea Heras, a user in active job search within the envera Job Placement Service, presented the conference 'Managing people, managing talent', organized by FEAPS Madrid and Fundación Repsol.

Throughout the day, which was attended by experts in human resources, people management and team motivation, the Dame un Minuto Campaign was presented, an awareness campaign aimed at the business community in order to promote and encourage the hiring of people with intellectual disabilities. The whole campaign is centralized in the web page www.dameunminuto.org.

This campaign was born from the REDempleo Project, which is formed by the 12 labor insertion services of the FEAPS Madrid entities with the intention of offering a better service to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities interested in accessing the labor market; and to companies that are committed to the labor integration of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

envera is a member of this REDempleo and Andrea Heras is one of the hundreds of people with intellectual disabilities who are currently seeking employment and only ask employers an opportunity to demonstrate what they can do.
Andrea with his participation in one of the videos of the Give me a Minute Campaign and the Day 'Manage people, manage talent' has been able to demonstrate the capabilities you have and the interest and motivation you have towards employment.

Let's hope that her dreams and those of all job seekers with disabilities will soon be fulfilled.