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SEPLA-Ayuda grants scholarships to three children with disabilities from Envera's Early Intervention Service.

Madrid | December 14, 2021

SEPLA-Ayuda Foundation and Envera take a step forward in the close collaboration that both entities have maintained for years for the inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities, with the signing of an agreement which makes it possible for three children with disabilities and their families without resources to have access to the treatments of Envera's Early Attention Service.

This was agreed by the Foundation of the Spanish Airline Pilots Union (SEPLA) at the last meeting of its Board of Trustees, reaffirming its commitment to improving the opportunities and quality of life of people with intellectual disabilities that Envera serves throughout their life cycle.

The agreement was signed last Monday by the presidents of the SEPLA-Ayuda Foundation, Vicente Alonso Fogué, and of Envera, José Antonio Quintero, both retired pilots of the Iberia company from which Envera was born 45 years ago, both social organizations sharing a completely aeronautical DNA.

The support of the SEPLA-Ayuda Foundation to Envera has made possible the implementation of numerous initiatives in recent years such as the Envera Vegetable Garden, the donation of 2,000 kilograms of vegetables that were distributed during the pandemic among vulnerable families, or the cooperation projects in Otavalo (Ecuador) and Malabo (Equatorial Guinea) with which Envera professionals have trained local therapists in the field to replicate Envera's Early Care and Neurodevelopment model, which is a benchmark in the Community of Madrid.

With this new agreement and thanks to the SEPLA-Ayuda Grants, three children with disabilities will have access, starting in January, to the individualized and comprehensive treatments necessary for their physical and cognitive development at an early stage of life in which it is essential to provide them with specialized care as soon as possible.


These grants are in addition to those that Envera also maintains with companies and with its own Guardianship Foundation through the project Scholarship for a childThese grants are essential so that children and young people with disabilities or developmental disorders can start the necessary treatments as soon as possible without the delay caused by waiting lists to get a public place or lack of resources.