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Soledad Murillo: "Fighting for equality benefits us all".

The Secretary of State for Equality visits the Envera Integral Disability Center

Madrid | September 18, 2019

This Wednesday the Secretary of State for Equality, Soledad Murillo, has visited the Comprehensive Disability Center Envera in Colmenar Viejo to learn how this social entity, which has been working for more than 40 years for the integration of people with intellectual disabilities, commitment to equal opportunities for all people, regardless of gender and abilities.

The president of Envera, José Antonio Quintero, and its general manager, Pedro Sobrino, accompanied the Secretary of State on her tour of the Special Employment Center and the Occupational Center. In this way, Murillo has been able to see firsthand the daily life of Envera's workers with disabilities as well as the workshops that are carried out in the care services to comprehensively cover the needs of all people throughout their lives.

stateequalityinvera07"Envera has maintained a strong commitment to equality since its beginnings," recalled Quintero, who, in addition to being president, is a founding father of Envera.

For his part, Pedro Sobrino stressed that "Envera has an internal equality plan and an easy-to-read guide for the prevention of harassment of people with intellectual disabilities, being an organization where women represent 51% of the jobs and, on many occasions, occupying positions of responsibility".

Regarding the labor insertion of women with disabilities in ordinary companies, Envera has managed to hire 364 women in ordinary companies through its Labor Insertion Service and the EMPLEA program, financed by the Madrid City Council, which has been developed by Envera for 16 years.

Sobrino also explained the creation of a comprehensive plan to meet the needs of mothers with intellectual disabilities, a social group that has few resources at its disposal and that from Envera have been prepared to implement.

The Secretary of State for Equality closed the visit with her participation in Radio Terrícola, the on-line radio station of the Occupational Center, in which she thanked Envera for its work for equal opportunities, since "fighting for equality is good for everyone," Murillo said.