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Envera students with disabilities participate with the UME in a multi-risk emergency exercise.

  • Eleven people with intellectual and physical disabilities participated
  • The subdelegate of the Government in Guadalajara has visited the activity.


Madrid | March 22, 2024

Eleven people with intellectual and physical disabilities from Envera participated in the multi-risk exercise 'ALFAS 24' of the First Battalion of the Military Emergency Unit (UME) that took place throughout the month of March in Guadalajara.

This activity has had a double objective. On the one hand, the UME pursues the preparation in multi-risk interventions in natural emergencies, including the complete process of rescue, evacuation and care of victims. On the other hand, the techniques and procedures for rescuing people with disabilities, especially intellectual and physical, have been improved and, at the same time, these people have become familiar with the work of rescuers in emergency situations in which they must follow their instructions.

Envera students have become extras to simulate being victims trapped by a forest fire and rescued by UME soldiers in boats, crossing the Tagus to a safe area. Afterwards, they were received by the Red Cross and treated in a field hospital.

The sub-delegate of the Government in Guadalajara, Mercedes Gómez, visited the rescue and evacuation activity by water, accompanied by the lieutenant colonel chief of the BIEM I, Alberto Modino.

This is not the first time that the UME and Envera have collaborated on emergencies and disability. In 2018, the Envera Integral Disability Center, in the Madrid municipality of Colmenar Viejo, the UME carried out the exercise. Integrating in emergencies..

In addition, both organizations maintain a permanent collaboration that is materialized in important activities such as the realization of the Solidarity Calendar or the celebration of the last World Radio Day with a special program of Radio Terrícola from the Headquarters at the Torrejón Air Base.