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Envera collaborates with Iberia in its new open and inclusive space on Madrid's Gran Vía

  • Inaugurated by the Minister of Industry and Tourism and the delegate of Tourism of the Madrid City Council.
  • Students with intellectual disabilities from Envera support Espacio Iberia

Madrid | April 18, 2024

Iberia Space returns to Madrid and has just opened its doors on Gran Vía (48) to offer visitors a unique experience like the one they can live on board the company's airplanes and enjoy unique activities and events for free. In addition, for the first time Iberia is betting on an open and inclusive space in which students with intellectual disabilities from Envera also participate. Its function is to support the company's staff in caring for the thousands of people who will visit it until July 31.

The Iberia Space was inaugurated this Wednesday by the Minister of Industry and Tourism, Jordi Hereu, together with the president of Iberia, Marco Sansavini, and the delegate of Tourism of the Madrid City Council, Almudena Maíllo, in a ceremony that was also attended by the general director of Envera, Enrique Grande.

The Minister of Industry and Tourism, Jordi Hereu; with the CEO of Envera, Enrique Grande; and the President of Iberia, Marco Sansavini (in the background).

The fifteen students with disabilities from Envera's training programs in Madrid, "Destino Empleo" and "Gradúate en ESO", who collaborate with Iberia in its new popup store have the support of three job coaches to carry out different customer service tasks: from reception and general information, to accompanying those who want to experience the air navigation simulator that has been installed, or live the adventure of traveling in the seats and in-flight service that Iberia has prepared for the occasion.

In addition, the airline proposes a series of meetings and activities throughout these months that include gastronomic experiences, dramatized readings or round tables, among others.

For Sansavini, "our goal with this initiative is to bring down to earth the experience that can be enjoyed on a flight with our company".

Innovation and sustainability also feature prominently at Espacio Iberia. Visitors can discover new developments and initiatives thanks to the new virtual reality experience.

Envera students at Espacio Iberia

Envera and Iberia have maintained a strong partnership since the NGO was founded 47 years ago by company employees, fathers and mothers of people with intellectual disabilities. Thanks to this journey together, today Envera serves 5.More than 400 disabled workers from Envera's Special Employment Centers work to serve Iberia with the cartoning of 4 million/year of cutlery kits for in-flight service, the production of 1.2 million/year of toiletry bags for the traveler, the cleaning of 6.7 million/year of seat linen kits, the error management of 1.5 million/year of rejected airline tickets, the production of 180 aircraft engines through the selection of hardware kits, and the recycling of 140 tons/year of materials.